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Sunday, September 23, 2012
WIPocalypse... the Blue Moon Edition (very late)
...So, I'm really late on these postings, but still making it under the wire.

The progress for Aging Artfully (Lizzie*Kate) is stalled.

See that word there?  The one that that starts with a P?  That's precisely where I am with my stitching and, clearly, with my blog entries.  And a whole host of other things, personal and professional.  My usual mojo is severely lacking and, I think, has run away to join the circus.  Or is hiding under the bed.

The only thing that isn't suffering is Color Addiction.  I mean, Affection.  Right.

I've got *that* still going, and will actually finish it.  Maybe not in time for the next posting (which is due in a week, I think), but it will get done.  The knitting mojo is going ok.  It's suffering a little bit though - I've distracted myself with winding skeins and putting them into Ravelry.  Of course, they're not complete either, as I've not taken photos.

Seriously, I need to figure out what's going on here, because something is amiss.  So that's where things are at the moment.  I'm not being crafty at all, other than the random knitting and occasional dinner (I post my food porn on Facebook), and that's all there is.  It's not like I'm that busy at work, although I've got a new module I'm designing that's being a pain.  But I think it's the damaged mojo that's hindering that too.

How about I just blame election season for it all, and get back to everyone in December?  Right.  That won't work either.