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Monday, May 07, 2012
WIPocalypse 2012...The May Update...
...Hello again, everyone. It's that time again to update y'all about the goings-on for the WIPocalypse.

When last we left you, the dragon looked like this.

Unfortunately, there's not been a lot of progress. You see, the weekend that I had set aside to sit and just stitch, stitch, stitch (it was going to be roughly 3 days worth of solid progress), I woke up with an ache in my right shoulder. DH was going camping for the weekend, but I figured some gym time would sort out the ache.

About a half hour later, in the gym, it was a solid ow-ow-ow-burn-pain with every step I ran on the treadmill. So I stopped running. I walked for a bit and got bored, so I did a few more easy things: some ab work, some leg work, a very little bit of shoulder work.

Then I came home. I started to do a little cleaning. Bad idea. The ow-ow-ow-burn-pain blossomed into a very serious OW-SHOOT-ME-THEN-STAB-ME-IN-THE-EYE-AND-RUN-ME-OVER-WITH-A-TRUCK-A-FEW-TIMES-AS-THAT-WILL-HURT-LESS-THAN-THIS. I may be understating that a little though. I couldn't move. I shouldn't have been behind the wheel of a car (I had a hard time turning my neck, you see).

Some heat application, ice application, tennis ball between me and the wall application was not loosening the knot in my right trapezius. If you don't know what the trapezius is, it's the muscle that runs down the side (and back) of your neck, across the top of your shoulder, and along your spine, adjacent to your shoulder blade (you have two, one on the right, one on the left). It's an important muscle for use, function, and support of your arm. I clearly need to work this area a little more in the gym, so it gets stronger and less prone to injury, although I still do not know what I did to cause this knot.

And I didn't just have a knot. I had a very VISIBLE knot there - even while wearing a shirt. I had, essentially, a useless right arm with no one in the house to help me out until the daughters got home from school. I had no clue how I caused this either, as I woke up with it and I hadn't done anything in the previous couple of days that could have been considered strenuous (or that could have caused injury - trust me, I've been over the previous 96 hours to waking up with this with a fine-toothed comb in my brain).

That weekend I put a sum total of 10 stitches in the dragon. There should have been hundreds, but I could only manage 10. In a two hour period. Yeah. I'm still feeling the effects of it - I'm still a little sore, my right arm is still a little weak. It's getting better, and I'm working it carefully in the gym, and the occasional application of something magical called BioFreeze is helping loosen things up.

So, here's the dragon now:

There's minute progress. I wouldn't feel accomplished at all about this progress, if I hadn't finished Happy Sock #2 just prior to my shoulder going zot.

They certainly are Happy Socks, and I have happy feet now.

I also have the Yarn Ball Of Death. I spent about 4 days winding this ball. It's not that it's particularly large (about 425 yards of yarn), or that I mind winding yarn by hand (as I don't have a swift or ball winder). It's that when I unwound the hank, it was a spectacular mess of tangle. A tangle that was not visible when I bought the yarn (else I wouldn't have bought the yarn). No swift in the world could have helped this be any faster or easier. That's what I did with my stitching time as my shoulder recovered - I slowly and carefully, wound yarn.

It's going to be a scarf. It's going to be *this* scarf: Frostlight I think it's going to be lovely, and I also have a very light lavender color for this scarf too. I've not started it yet, so maybe I'll have some progress next month. Yes, knitting a scarf in May in California seems contradictory to making sense, but it does sometimes get cold here, and I do like having my neck warm, and I may have occasion to visit snowy places from time to time. And if I knit it now, it will be ready for winter when I need it.

So there. Now, my shoulder and I are going to go watch 'Mad Men' and work on a dragon...