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Sunday, October 11, 2009
Wagon Down...(9/11/09...)
...Hi Wagoneers (if you don't know what I'm talking about when I say that, then you can ignore this blog entry):

Server maintenance is going on which is why you are getting a white page. As of 11:30 PST maintenance may take a few more hours. Chances are we're being moved to a new server and that's why you can't get in.

I'll keep updating here, Twitter and FB with the ongoing status as I learn new things. My apologies for not alerting y'all in advance - I didn't even know this was going on myself.

The board is still down, and all was on schedule as of 2 hrs ago, but I have no further word, and no word on when the expected ETA of completion is. Sorry for not having better news yet.

UPDATE: 9:48pm
The board is still down, and I have no new updates from Yuku. I suspect something went awry with the maintenance, or they underestimated the amount of time this would take. Cross your fingers that we're back up in the morning (that would be morning PST).

UPDATE: 7:43am 9/12/09
...and we're back! The board came back in the wee small hours of the morning apparently. Maintenance took longer than expected...