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Thursday, February 12, 2009
How Many Is Too Many?
...Oh yes, I'm about to talk about the woman with 14 kids. If you don't like strong opinions, stop reading now. Go read or something else.

OK. Nadya Suleman has 14 children, all by in-vitro fertilization and claims that it's all because of her lonely childhood, blah blah blah. I know that everyone has reproductive rights and there are people who are just dying to conceive, but when does it become too much?

I shouldn't even mention her name because she undoubtedly is doing the ego search thing, or has her publicist do that for her so that she can see what is being said on the internet. We already know that to be partially true because she's addressed it in interviews and damn, she's got a publicist. Comments were already made that she's looking to sell her story. Lifetime (a.k.a. Lifeslime) probably already has a movie in development, I'm sure.

She had 6 children that she couldn't afford to take care of herself to begin with, and was receiving disability payments and food stamps. Now she's got 8 more mouths to feed, the payments will go up and the state of California is going to be stuck with that bill and likely the bill for the hospital stay of those babies.

That's really frustrating considering I live in the state that is going to have to pay for this and programs are getting cut or reduced left and right to try and close the budget gap. Oh, but I guess we should feel good since the food stamps she's receiving aren't welfare. Oh, but wait - last time I checked food stamps in the state of California are doled out by the Department of Social Services and an interview is required, which usually takes place in the county welfare office.

So, how is welfare not really welfare? Right. Oh, can't forget the disability payments she's received for the last 10 years or so. But that's just pennies - $165K.

I'm sure many of you are going to further hate me or lose respect when you read the next statement: I think she was damn irresponsible having more children that she couldn't afford just because she wanted them so that she wouldn't be lonely like she was when she was a child. Damn selfish if you ask me because can someone raising 14 children by herself really give them all the attention that they need and deserve?

Including three children that are apparently labeled "special needs", one of whom is definitely autistic, and who knows what lies in wait with the other 8 children where there is potential for cognitive disabilities that could take a while to show themselves?

She should be able to have as many children as she wants, right? Oh sure, let's all get implanted with multiple embryos and we can *all* have multiple children to make up for lonely childhoods or whatever other deficiency we think we had as children. And we'll make the states we live in pay for it all! Never mind the fact that we would be potentially endangering ourselves and our unborn children, but let's go whole hog! Why stop at 8? Let's implant a full dozen and see if they take!

Or we can get other suckers to pay for it who feel sorry for us by starting a website where pictures of the babies will be posted and everyone can donate money via Paypal (credit cards only, thank you) to help us feed and care for our brood. Her media relations company put up the website.

Yes, I don't agree with that other couple that have had 18 children either, but at least they seem to be able to afford it and can care for all of them. And have spaced them out significantly. 14 children under the age of 8 seems excessive - and yes, I probably would think the same way if she had those children through natural means as well.

The so-called doctor who made this all happen should be fired and stripped of his license because of the ethical considerations that come into play with regards to the health of the children and the mother. And the misleading message that goes out about implantation considering the norm is 2 to 3 embryos for someone in her age range.

There are so many things I'd like to say about this, and yet it just disgusts me that she thinks it's OK to keep having children. Oh wait, she's done now apparently. But she's also out of embryos and sperm from the boyfriend who is the father of all these children. The father that she refused to marry.

Her mother is moving out and she's going to be on her own raising all those kids. No, I take that back. She won't be alone...

...she'll have suckers who make donations and she'll continue to sponge off the state in any way she can.