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Monday, January 12, 2009
The First Post of 2009...
...I figured I was overdue a post since it's been about 3 weeks. I've just not had the time to write out blog posts and the things that I've been interested in blogging about have floated out of my head.

So, this post is going to be a melange of things - mostly just odds and ends but stuff that's still sitting there.

First thing, though, most importantly, is that yesterday was A's 13th birthday. I'm too young to have a teenager. At least that's what the face in the mirror says. The driver's license says differently - I'm 37. Perfectly old enough to have a teenager. And yet...

A had a sleepover that reached new heights in noise levels but amazingly we got a full night's sleep because the girls turned everything down around midnight and were considerate about letting us sleep. That was great. And they're a good bunch of kids too - now we just have to sort out who belongs to two different individual socks and a game charger. And figure out who inadvertently walked away with our Mario Karts disc.

In other news of the world, does anyone find it ironic that the choice for the head of the CIA was leaked 5 days prior to his name being officially announced? I certainly do.

Work is going well. Yes, I'm still a contractor and I'm still part-time but with a new part-time plan. Instead of the 20 hours a week plan, I'm on the part-time hours as needed plan. That meant 39 hours last week, and probably more like 20 this week, depending. Considering that I've got to develop a whole new metrics schema for a new site that rolled this week, am probably going to end up with another site that the client was going to do the metrics on themselves (until I found a horrible glaring error in their initial analysis of page views), and have been tagged for a discussion on a project that doesn't go live until the end of March, I think I'll have sufficient work to worry about for awhile. Oh, and I still have another website that has 13 localizations that I have to QA the metrics calls on. Maybe I will get 40 hours this week.

Still hitting the gym too, early in the mornings. I've found that running is getting a little more challenging for some reason, and I bank that to not doing it as much during the two weeks I had off for the holidays. Yes, I had two weeks off and didn't blog. It was called thoroughly enjoying my time off.

I'm going to indulge in a new obsession I think - I've signed up for a class in how to knit socks. I take that class at the end of February, so that should give me a good amount of time to work on Fortunate Traveler between now and then. For those interested in the current status of that project: vine border completely complete, all interior border lines have been stitched, the Stretch at the bottom is complete, and 1/3 of the top interior picture is complete. I think I'm going to be changing the thread for the lettering though to a blue/purple combo - I just don't know what overdye I'm going to use yet.

That's about it from here. So far the year is going well, and I hope yours is too.