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Monday, November 24, 2008
The iPod shuffle results... I'm surprised. Either I don't have much traffic any longer, or I really stumped y'all, or you just didn't care. Or all three. Wait, I know that there were some hard and obscure ones here because I have rather eclectic musical tastes that run the range of the decades. So, here are the results.

Only 10 out of the 35 songs were identified. Below are the original lyrics that I posted, along with the artist and song title (and who guessed them right if that was the case)

1. "Now I know none of this was planned, it all just kinda happened" Van Halen, 'Pleasure Dome'

2. "There's a title who's lost his way..." Peter Cetera, 'Man in Me' Stasha got it!

3. "Took a trip to the shores of the river, sat by the side" Sons of Champlin, 'Swim'

4. "Lady luck never smiles" Def Leppard, 'Foolin' Melissa C got it!

5. "You ask me what I think, I tell you, you ignore it" Chicago, 'All The Years'

6. "I am so in love with you, I just can't deny it" Peter Cetera 'One Good Woman'

7. "You can have a Cajun queen down in New Orleans" Henry Lee Summer, 'I Wish I Had A Girl'

8. "Young men, soldiers, 1914, marching through countries they'd never seen" Sting, 'Children's Crusade' Kim got this one.

9. "I've been holding out so long, I've been sleeping all alone" The Rolling Stones, 'Miss You' Suz in Va got this one!

10. "Title on Sunday, no traffic on avenues" Suzanne Vega, 'In Liverpool'

11. "There is something exciting about leaving everything behind" Butterfly Boucher, 'Another White Dash'

12. "Giant steps are what you take" The Police, 'Walking on the Moon' Ohsewcrafty got it (and CathNZ too)!

13. "Every day I hear a different story, people saying that you're no good for me" Wham, 'Freedom'

14. "You used to have it all to take for granted" Bill Champlin 'Same Old Song'

15. "I know somethin' about the ways of lovin'" Oingo Boingo, 'Goodbye Goodbye' Cymberleah got it (and no, it was off Best of Boingo, and originally appeared on the 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' soundtrack)

16. "When I was a child, running in the night" Kate Bush 'Hounds of Love'

17. "Hard times you've had before you, I knew when I first saw you" Asia, 'Don't Cry'

18. "Title that you've ever wanted, with this promise I will bring you home again" Skydiggers 'I Will Give You Everything'

19. "I'd like to be under the sea" (I'm not looking for a Disney song here...) The Beatles, 'Octopus Garden' Suz in Va got this one too!

20. "If I had you back in my world" Jazmine Sullivan 'Need U Bad'

21. "Feeling like it's over, feeling like there's no love" Def Leppard, 'Gods of War'

22. "I was born a child of grace, nothing else about the place" U2, 'All Because of You'

23. "I saw you walking out on title what you doing out there" Night Ranger, 'Sentimental Street'

24. "It doesn't matter what I say, as long as I sing with inflection" Blues Traveler, 'Hook' Erin got it!

25. "I was so lonely until I met you, told myself I'd get by without love" The Babys, 'Back on My Feet Again'

26. "You know, you decorate the garage walls" Genesis, 'Anything She Does'

27. "Title and acted like a baby, wanted all this attention I couldn't give" Patty Larkin, 'Johnny Was a Pyro'

28. "Watching the people on the street today she couldn't help but smile" Marillion, 'Map of the World'

29. "Can I come over after school, we can hang around by the pool" Fountains of Wayne, 'Stacey's Mom' Suz in VA came back and got this one too!

30. "Outside the rain begins and it may never end" (Looking for the original artist) Boz Skaggs, 'We're All Alone' ...and CathNZ strikes again by getting this one right (and not guessing Rita Coolidge as the original artist)

I'm really surprised no one got the Night Ranger or U2 song... and maybe even Genesis or Butterfly Boucher as those were both radio friendly when they were released.