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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Dysons Really Suck....
...Hard. Seriously. And no, this isn't your usual blog entry from me.

My old reliable Hoover, which was only about 5 years old, died suddenly this weekend. Well, maybe died is too strong a word. It decided to have a coronary, and the part that died is not one that's easily replaceable.

So, we started discussing among ourselves what we would replace it with: a Dyson, or a cat-terrorizer. I mean, a Roomba. I seriously considered a Roomba, but I don't think I'm ready for a vacuum like that yet. I threw my weight towards a Dyson.

We shopped around a bit, we looked around a bit, we even (briefly until I nixed it) considered a refurbished Dyson from the local electronics chain (Fry's, anyone?). Inspiration struck me - Bed Bath and Bankruptcy sells Dyson. And the 20% off coupons that I get in the mail don't have Dyson as an exclusion on them. And I got a new one of those coupons in the mail today.

So we decided that we should do the serious shopping for a rug-sucker. Something that might last longer than the Hoover, and the thought of having a bagless vacuum was intoxicating to me. No more hunting around to make sure I've got the right kind of bag. No more worrying that they might not sell them anymore. No more having that little *poof* of dust when I have to replace the bag, usually when it's been too long since I last replaced it.

Armed with the coupon we headed for BB&B. And what to my eyes appear? Not only a beautiful Dyson DC14, but a DC07 right next to it - with a $100 markdown on the price.

Score! Yes, I know, it sounds awful that someone like me is cheering for a vacuum, but this is a nice technological rug-sucker that I've always heard good things about. The DC07 came home with us (it's so *yellow*), and the 20% off made it quite the deal. I've already started using it in the front room, and it is certainly scary what we have seen in the cylinder for the little sections that we have vacuumed.

That and the carpet seems even lighter now after we vacuumed. I fear what's going to happen after I do the stairs and the living room. Even so, we have a Dyson. And it seriously sucks... the best way possible.