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Monday, October 13, 2008
The Way I See It...
...My local Starbucks has stopped using those awful brown anniversary cups and starting using my favorite green ones with the quotes. DH got lucky the other day and got a pretty good quote.
"Politics is about getting outside of yourself and your own problems for a little while and fully immersing yourself in the lies and deceit of others."

~Stephen Elliot, Author of the novel Happy Baby and the political memoir Looking Forward To It.
Think about that.

No matter what side of the multi-sided fence you're on - Independent, Libertarian, Green, the two major parties, or anyone else I've forgotten - it's true. The massaging of the facts in order to look better than the opponent or make the opponent look worse is ever present during the election.

People fight over it - friends, spouses, strangers at coffee shops or the gym. People agonize over who to vote for because their vote is important (well, maybe in the local races or the swing states it is). Some people don't care, which is a real shame. But either way, it's true.

Facts are colored by both sides to look worse than they are. Issues that are questionable are blown up by opposite sides and sometimes not addressed by the candidate themselves. Interviews are given with handlers and prepared questions and warnings to not discuss certain items.

The real truth? You never see it. Not even after the winning candidate makes it into office. Many things get swept under the rug and remain questions after the candidate leaves office. Maybe the rare biographer might hit on something that's right, but even then it might not be perfectly true.

Just something to think about in these times as we hurtle towards the election.