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Friday, October 10, 2008
Regarding Yesterday's Entry...
...I just posted the following on a thread in my board and figured it works here too, with some minor edits...

I had to un-anon myself too from the board, just like my co-admin did. And I can't remember who said it on the board or what thread, but if you want to debate politics with name calling and everything else that goes with it there are lots of boards on Yahoo for that.

I know I'm taking some heat. A lot - people have dropped hints that there are blogs all over the place crucifying me and that people I respect are sticking it to me and that it's all being pointed at me and not my co-admin as far as I can tell. Because I guess she is a good little mindless minion who goes along with everything I do. Funny that - while she and I have agreed on some issues, we've been divergent in our politics as long as we've known each other. That and we know better than to really get into it with each other because we value our friendship more than we value our politics.

You know what? I have other things to do than to hunt around and find out who thinks they've been wronged or who is leaving a board. And honestly, I don't think I want to know what folks don't have respect for me because of this decision because it would probably hurt me more than I can say. I've already had my heart break a little in the past over this same sort of business so I know it's better to not know.

Suz and I didn't take this decision lightly (we'd been discussing it for two weeks before it was sent out) or because *I* want the board to lean in a specific direction. We saw people people hurt, we fielded complaints, I (can't speak for her on this one) got at least two messages asking me to please ban certain members of the board and I said no.

What should we have done? Banned politics all together before the conventions? No one ever started a "Who are you going to vote for and why" thread - it all just snowballed after the VP pick thread. Yes, I have strong convictions and I'm a member of this board too, so I can state them. So I stated something and things rolled downhill from there. You want to blame someone for stoking the fire? Blame me.

I'm being blamed for everything else around here, so why stop now? I guess that's the easiest solution rather than trying to say that everyone contributed to the problem.