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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
...5 blogs in a row, do you think this might be a trend?

Actually, what I'm really *wow*-ing is the Academic Awards ceremony at my daughters' school yesterday. I had to be there for a couple of hours for the 6th and 7th grade award ceremonies.

First was the 7th grade. Bring up all the students with a 3.5 and above, and we knew that the 4.0 students would be brought up separately. Knowing that A would be in the 3.5 group with her 3.95 GPA, I sat with DH and politely clapped for all the names. They reached our letter in the alphabet and prepared to hear our daughter's name. And they progressed to the next letter of the alphabet.

I stared at DH and mentioned that they skipped our daughter. No, they're going out of alphabetical order. Sorry, DH, the hyphenated multiple Hispanic names are throwing you off - they're in order.

I held my breath because I wondered - did they really forget her? Or did they round her grades up unbeknownst to me? Turns out, she got that 4.0 and the pretty gold seal on her certificate. I couldn't hold back the tears, and she couldn't hold back that goofy smile. DH is disappointed however... he can't tell her to do better than that. I told her she has a new benchmark to maintain (spoken like a true analyst).

B's grades weren't rounded up, but she happily took her certificate for that 3.85 with a big bright smile as she should. That's a big accomplishment and she was really jazzed at A getting that 4.0.

WOW. I'm really impressed. Somehow I'm not surprised, but am impressed. *shrug* You figure that one out. I knew my girls were smart, but their accomplishment still impresses me.

Chalk it up to proud parent syndrome.