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Sunday, February 01, 2009
Another SuperBowl Is Over...
...and the best part, surprisingly this year, was the *game*. From beginning to end it was an amazing game - a 100 yard interception return for a touchdown, down to that last touchdown by the Cardinals... and unfortunately, a win for the Steelers. I'd figured they would run over the Cardinals. I'm happy to see that the Cardinals didn't make it easy for them, despite the loss.

The commercials, for the most part, were lame. Oh sure, there were some bright spots with the GE commercials, the Coke commercial with the insects stealing the bottle (very much like Miniscule, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, just query YouTube for them), and the Doritos commercial with the guy getting hit by the bus. By the way, if you didn't go to the Doritos site and watch the 'Crash the SuperBowl' contestants, you should. Pay special attention to the one called "The Chase" - it was produced in my area, and is especially hysterical. I think it should have won instead of 'Free Doritos'.

Oh yes, the show-off Clydesdale was great too. And the Priceline commercial with the guy who was parroting Shatner.

The rest? Eh. They were disappointing. I knew going into this that we'd be missing one of the best companies because FedEx wasn't going to have one this year, and they always had entertaining commercials. OK, they weren't all that disappointing but did we really need 3 To Be Continued sorts of things?

Two of them were the GoDaddy commercials and we all know how much I love those from past years. *rolls eyes*

But the brilliant Continuation commercial is the Jack in the Box spot - Jack was hit by a bus, and we don't know if he will survive. They've created a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account (I'm following that) and there will be commercials for weeks to come updating us on whether Jack lives or... doesn't. This isn't the first time Jack in the Box has done something controversial concerning the clown - remember when they blew up the boxes?

I do. And I think I'll be looking forward to see what they do to the clown.

The NBC Monday spots with everyone lip syncing to Joe Cocker's "Feelin' Alright" was pretty clever. As was the Audi spot early in, *if* you got it. B caught it before any of the rest of us - the Audi was the only one of all the various cars through the decades that could make that hairpin turn. Clever observant girl she is.

Best of the bunch in my opinion? The Hulu commercial about television melting your brain and the fact that Alec Baldwin is an alien who wants to eat your brain. DH thought that was funny (he being one who definitely agrees that television rots your brain) and I just hate Alec Baldwin and can completely believe that he's an alien. So I think that won the Superbowl commercial contest for us.

So that's the commercial rundown for this year. I know, not as long as in past years, but this year was just boring. If you want to see all the commercials, the aliens at Hulu have put them up on their site for viewing, but I can't promise that they won't try to eat your brains when you're done. Or when they decide that you're done... if you know what I mean.