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Monday, April 20, 2009
Once Upon a Time...
...there was a princess V who allegedly was told that she must work. So she went and worked at the kingdom of Flash until they banished her and her court because there were too many that were better than her at what she did.

So the princess V went and found another place to work. The Digital Kingdom where your humble author is employed. Ok, maybe I'm not that humble, but humor me for the course of the story.

The princess V decided that others were beneath her because she came from such an enlightened kingdom once upon a time and the others did not have such lofty credentials. The princess never bothered to find out the credentials of the others or she would not have been so hasty in her judgment.

No, I take that back. She would indeed have been so hasty because she is elitist like that. Anyway, the princess decided that your humble author is not good enough at her job and V herself should be validating the all-important data.

Your humble author does not suffer fools lightly and therefore has not given up her iron grip on her validation tasks. Mostly because princess V has no experience in data validation and does not understand the difference between visits and unique visitors. Your humble author has attempted to explain the difference but the princess cannot be bothered to learn.

So the princess has gone and gathered her former court from the kingdom of Flash to work with her at the Digital Kingdom, in what is likely an attempt to restore her to her former glory. But her court has not lasted, and only a straggler remains.

Meanwhile, the princess V has been forgetting things and no one shares information with her any longer when she asks what people have been up to because no one wants her attempting to criticize their work or duplicate it instead of doing her own thing. This tactical move has illustrated the fact that she does not actually know what she's doing and has led us to wonder what she actually did in the Kingdom of Flash.

As a result, the princess has been leaving this humble scribe alone until the other day when she really put her foot in it. She's been doing that all along here and there, including claiming to have been testing for things that do not exist.

Her behavior is less than model for a princess claiming such stature. Then again... when one is part of a testing group all day and says "I'll log that bug", "I'll log that bug" all day long for bugs that others are finding when everyone is responsible for their own bugs, and then announces "Someone else log the next bug. I don't want to do it anymore" it smacks of elitism.

Stay tuned for more adventures...