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Sunday, January 08, 2012
WIPocalypse 2012 - The January Post
...And so it begins.

I figured on beginning at the beginning and as a result, I've not stitched on anything for the WIPocalypse yet. Hey, I'm posting on a Sunday, and that almost never happens either, so we're all in for something a little different sometimes.

I decided my opening post would be the introduction to the pieces that I mentioned in my last post that declared my entry into the year of WIPs.

So, I took a few pictures today of the WIPs that are in existence for this year's run. There is one, however, that I don't have because it's still in the possession of someone else. That would be the TWRR (from 2006), which I dearly hope will move on to another person to be worked on soon.

Meanwhile, here are the contenders. In the #1 slot, we have Teresa Wentzler's "The Fortunate Traveler":

Traveller is close to being finished - the only thing that remains are the darker sets of lazy daisies and the beading. This would have been a 2011 finish (my only 2011 finish) had I not gotten hit with a small bout of finishing anxiety, and then turned my head to knitting in the colder days that closed out the year. I am determined to finish this shortly (after I finish a scarf I'm working on), so maybe I'll have a happy dance before the next WIPocalypse posting.


Next on the list is a Dimples Designs Round Robin that I've had sitting in my pile for quite some time. It hasn't screamed at me to finish it - it hasn't even uttered but a whimper, but I think it's time for the last of the over 1 bugs to be completed, and I know I had a plan for the bottom two sections, but I don't remember what it was:

The last two are barely worth showing, but I promised. They are WIPs - in fact, they're left over from the original Guilt Free January. The very *first* Guilt Free January we ever had years and years ago.

Meet Teresa Wentzler's "Storyteller":

I know, sad isn't it? It's such a pretty fabric (some Silkweaver solo from the original Silkweaver solo sets), but I've just not brought myself to work on it. What I did do more work on was Teresa Wentzler's "Celestial Dragon", which is being temperamental and won't let me share a pic. So you're just going to have to go here to see it.

See, I got all the boring parts out of the way so that I could reward myself with a beautiful dragon... and then I proceeded to not work on it. I've not touched any of these in at least 5 years, with the exception of Fortunate Traveller, which is why all of these made the list.

The others I mentioned in my post to work on are kitted up and ready for me when I am, but they don't get the honor of a photo until stitches are in.

So, that's the current state of the WIPocalypse for me. Let's see how far I can get by next time...