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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
WIPocalypse 2012...
...Hi everyone, I'm back. I've joined WIPocalypse 2012 - for those of you not in the stitching world, this is a cross-stitching thing.

The basic guidelines were set out on Measi's blog, and in a fit of enthusiasm, I joined up.

I was hoping to have finished The Fortunate Traveller by then, but alas, twas not to be. It's still got some lazy daisies and beading to be completed that I could probably finish in 3-5 hours, but I'm knitting something right now and I don't want to stop. Considering my penchant for knitting, I'm going to be cautious with my list, but it's also got some big items on it.

Therefore, entrant #1 for WIPocalypse 2012 will be The Fortunate Traveller. All links in this post will be to the source design, and not my current progress.

I'm not going to try and be ambitious, but... I think this is a year for working on some TW's. Therefore, I'm adding Celestial Dragon and Storyteller to the list.

There will be at least one Mirabilia mermaid, to be determined at a future date as to which one - this will be a new addition as I don't have any that are current WIPs, but I do have several kitted.

Dracolair's Ouroborus will be started this year. And hopefully finished.

Chatelaine's Egypt Garden will get started this year and, once I find it, the Dimples Designs round robin will also be completed.

I also plan to finish my TW Round Robin, if it ever comes back home to me.

OK. That's it. WIPocalypse 2012's list has been launched.