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Wednesday, March 07, 2012
WIPocalypse 2012...The March Results...
...Here we are again, on the advent of a full moon, where I am compelled to report my results of this month's efforts on the WIPs.

Well, I think I did pretty good.

First off, we have a finish! No, not a stitching finish, but a finish nonetheless. I finished Happy Sock #1. When we last left Happy Sock, I was working up the foot, and figured that I might have turned the heel on it by this posting. Well, I went to Stitches West, and I made some good progress on Celestial Dragon, so I just kept going.

So, here is Happy Sock:

Isn't she pretty? Hopefully soon I'll have Happy Feet, due to the completion of Happy Sock #2, which was cast on last night, and I'm just starting to get into the pattern going up the foot.

But the real reason we're here is to see my progress on my WIPs... the only one I worked on was Celestial Dragon, but I think you'll be impressed with the progress.

Remember, this is what he looked like last time. But now just look at him!

I've *really* been working hard on him and he's been working hard on me. It's a real bear stripping that carrying thread from the sparkly, but it's worth it. I did have to frog out the bottom loop of his body because I mis-counted. If that hadn't happened, then I would have had at least another couple of hours done on him.

So, that's all for this round of WIPocalypse! Hopefully next time I'll have him fleshed out a little more and maybe up to the heel on Happy Sock #2!

Happy Stitching!