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Wednesday, August 08, 2012
WIPocalypse August 2012 (the first one)
...what do I mean about "the first one"? I mean there are two updates for August, due to two full moons.  In case those of you not affiliated with the WIPocalypse aren't aware, the postings are supposed to happen near to the full moon.

This month, I'm a little late.  I've been a little late for a couple of months.  I've just gotten busy (or distracted) between taking the photos and posting the blog entry.

Anyway, this is a little interesting update.  You see, I've not worked on anything for the WIPocalypse.  Sort of.  Remember back in January when I said I might start something new?  Well, I did.  Two somethings, but only one of them is stitching.

So, that said, there aren't any updated pictures for existing WIPs.  But, here's the first new start - Lizzie*Kate's "ABC's of Aging Artfully":

It was going along quite swimmingly... until I got distracted. By my birthday.  And yarn.  Birthday yarn.  Well, a gift card to a favorite local yarn shop that enabled me to buy birthday yarn, which is coming along into something.  The pic is a little yellow from the sunlight through the diffused blinds in the room - that's a really nice creamy white, not a yellow.

It's a pattern called Color Affection and can be found here.  Don't say I didn't warn you - it's addicting.  I've effectively renamed this pattern.  It's Color Affection/Affliction/Infection/Addiction.  It is. Truly.  And that's BEFORE you start knitting it. You become obsessed with the colors that you can mix into this.  

And that's where I am with this month.  Hopefully I'll be back on some of the WIPocalypse pieces in the next update.  But I did say I reserved the right to start something new, and that I wasn't going to apologize for knitting as part of this, so I think I'm covered.  :D

Until next time...