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Saturday, July 21, 2012
WIPocalypse 2012... the July Update
...I'd better get cracking on posting these sooner... I'm *almost* a month behind!

So, you can scroll down to the last post to see what the progress from last month.  *THIS* month?  So much progress.  Note: these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago (actually on the date of the WIPocalypse posting), but I got lazy and distracted and didn't write them up.  Wait until you see the next update!

Anyway, after a pretty solid weekend of stitching... and only one weekend of stitching... here's what Celestial Dragon looked like at the beginning of July (if I'm right, you can click all these to "biggify" - I'm still getting used to the new Blogger interface):

Yes, I've done quite a bit of filling in on him - that's what I get for spending almost an entire weekend working on him.  I should do that more often.

Meanwhile, Frostlight (being made from the Yarn Ball of Death) is making progress too!
She's gotten quite long, and I'm rather pleased about that.  There's about a half a ball of yarn left and, while I'm itching to get started on another project that's had me drooling for months now, I'm not going to start it until I finish Frosty here.

In other crafting news, I work with chainmaille occasionally.  You know, those ringy things that make up the pretty shiny armor that you see knights wear (or hobbits, in the case of the pretty maille that Frodo wore in the LOTR movies)?  Well, I don't make anything quite that ambitious.  Just the occasional bracelet, earrings, or in this case, a scissor fob!

I'm calling it WigglyBits, as it does have a neat flow to it.  It's based on a weave called Shaggy Loops, but I added more rings to the sides because it wasn't weighty enough or dense enough in color to suit me.  This was a fast weave, believe me, but I've also got some practice.  Sorry for the blur on the photo to the right, but that's what the weave looks like when it's upright, instead of laying down (above) which doesn't really show how pretty the flow is on it.

Anyway, that's this month's update, and in a couple of weeks I'll have another one that will show you what I've been up to during the month of July...

See you then!