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Monday, March 28, 2005
Monday's Sunday Brunch

...Welcome back to another week. As per usual, we have the Sunday Brunch (and some bonus comments at the bottom...)

'They have Easter egg hunts in Philadelphia, and if the kids don't find the eggs, they get booed.' -Bob Uecker

1) What is your favorite Easter decoration? (rabbit, egg, chick, etc)

Favorite Easter decoration... that has to be eggs. They can be dyed, painted, crayoned, sparklied, bejeweled in so many different and creative ways. There's no end to what you can do with an egg and a little imagination.

2) Do you like Easter colors or do you wish they were different?

I don't believe that there's any such thing as an "easter color" - it's stereotyping for the poor pastels that work so hard to get ahead in a bright or grey world. Leave them be.

3) What did you do today to celebrate Easter?

We hid baskets for the kids (very well hidden) and set out eggs on Saturday night, and then went for brunch at MIL's house for part of the day.

4) What is your best Easter memory?

Any Easter holiday that doesn't involve my parents.

5) If you are Catholic, did you observe Lent, and if so, what did you sacrifice for Lent?

I did observe Lent, and gave up going to Starbucks, among other non-necessary snacking things.

Sorry for the shortness of this... It was a long day, and I had a headache for most of it. It was a busy weekend combining a long car ride to look at bridesmaids dresses (where I ended up being the model since I was the only one who really fit into any of the dresses - that's what I get for being tall and thin - relative to the other bridesmaids), and a headache, and creating a dessert for Easter Brunch.

Easter Sunday was good and relatively quiet - we didn't spend all day at MIL's, thank goodness (because the sole male nephew that was present was being a PITA, as per usual). Even the earthquake that happened after we got home (2.6 epicentered about a mile from the house) was relatively quiet - it was a good swift jolt and then it was done.

Oh, and I'm also on call for Jury Duty. I know it's my civic duty, but honestly, I hate hate hate hate hate it. Mostly because the judge I keep ending up with is an absolute jerk. So, for this week only, we're going to have jury duty watch for me. As of right now, my group does not have to call in until after 5pm today. 20% down, 80% to go....