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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
I have opinions...

... well, I normally do have opinions and I share them with you daily, but today I have lots of opinions on all sorts of things and rather than writing one single blog for each one, I’m just going to put them all down here since I just have small things to say.

I’m so darn sick of the news, it’s disgusting. Can’t they find something *nice* to talk about?

Terri Schiavo: Let it go already. She’s been out for 14 years, and I honestly don’t see any indication that she could come back from this and not have some sort of significant quality of life/brain damage issues. I’m not saying that people like that shouldn’t be living/rescued/etc, but I think that her parents are just having an incredibly hard time letting go. If she’d died 14 years ago instead of falling into a coma, I think her parents would have been devastated beyond belief and still living with a shrine of her life.

I just think about my parents and how they would be so sure that I would want to live, despite DH saying I would never want to be kept alive like that. And I’ve had discussions with my husband and have said that I wouldn’t want to be kept alive like that. And I’ve discussed it with friends that I wouldn’t want to be kept alive like that. And now I’ve written it here. And I will most likely be putting it in legalese soon too so that it cannot be overruled by a parent that just can’t let go if the time ever comes, because I certainly wouldn’t want to put my children through something protracted that doesn’t do anyone any good like this whole case seems to be doing.

I just heard that the judge isn't going to order her feeding tube reinserted... now if we could only hear that the parents are going to accept that and let her go.

The 9 year old in Florida that disappeared: Let the father in with the guy for a few minutes. Let him mete out justice for what that monster did to that little girl. Put him in general population if there’s anything left of the guy after the father is finished.

And while it’s honorable that the preacher on Sunday asked everyone to forgive the monster that killed that little girl, I think that's shameful to ask people to forgive him. Yes, I'm saying something a preacher asked in church service was shameful. This drug-using creep committed a most grievous sin, against a child no less, and I know I couldn’t find it in my heart to forgive anyone who would do that to any little girl, or to my little girls (God and fates forbid), one of whom is 9 as well. They’d have to put me under arrest just to keep me away from trying to get at him. DH too.

Yes, perhaps I’m reacting more strongly to this story because my daughter has brown eyes, and brown hair and a goofy smile that just radiates happiness just like that little girl, but even if I didn’t, I don’t think that would change one basic thing I‘ve been thinking: just shoot the guy now and spare the family the trial.

Iraq: Oh man, I’m so *done* with this one that I don’t bother reading the headlines and avoid them when I can. I know that that’s really bad of me, but I’m just so sick of hearing about it. May God bless the soldiers that are there, and their families, and bring them home safely, but I’m bone weary of the media covering this issue.

Michael Jackson: Anyone just want to take a vote now? Guilty or not guilty, or just vote on whether or not you get to hear anymore coverage of that particular media circus. I am so beyond caring about the outcome of this or whether or not Freakboy’s guilty (although I believe he is) that I don’t even want to look at my yahoo news page anymore for headlines about *anything* anymore.

DVD Rental Wars: Oh please, I’ll give almost anything to never hear/see another BlockBuster or Netflix commercial again (or advertisement banner on popular webpages). There’s plenty of space for both in the vast arena that is DVD rental, without having to constantly attempt to one up each other. And while that’s annoying, it’s actually less annoying than….

The rememberance of the Dot-Com crash I’m so tired of living in Valley and hearing about the glorious days of the dotcom and how high we all lived, and now post-crash Nasdaq still hasn’t recovered, and that dotcoms aren’t really making it…

Oh really? I’d say I work for a fairly successful dotcom, and this blog is published on a service that is run by a highly successful dotcom, and I think the internet is here to stay, so I don’t think you can say that dotcoms aren’t making it. As for Nasdaq? Well, let’s look at it this way – remember the stock exchange crash that happened in 1929 (and then climbed its way back up as a correction)? Maybe that big rise in Nasdaq was the reverse of that, and this was simply the correction. The markets were all way too high for it to stay that way forever.

Prince Charles and Camilla: Ok, we don't get a *lot* of this on this side of the pond, but I listen to UK radio online (Virgin Classic, and Virgin Live because I like those stations a lot), and they do show up on the Entertainment section of my yahoo page from time to time. If they want to get married, more power to them - he should have married her in the first place, royalty be damned, since it's pretty clear that Diana was only useful for being a pretty princess and providing heirs, which is a wicked shame. Just stop forcing the propreity of this union on the international media. He's probably never going to be King anyway, or will be for a most brief interlude as I'm convinced that the Queen is going to live darn near close to forever and a day, so just let it go.

Of course, you know we're never going to hear the end of it now that they're saying that Camilla *could* be Queen...

Steroids in baseball: While I’m disappointed at Mark McGuires’ answers at the new version of the Spanish Inquisition, I have to agree with him – it’s in the past, let it go. There’s nothing we can do about it now, and they’re not likely to strip you of your home run record because people will go nutso.

Let it go, and just institute regular testing, or whatever requirements that they need to put into place to prohibit players from being users. And pushers. And Canseco probably did write a whole bunch of lies just to sell a book because wasn’t he on the brink of bankruptcy or something? He just found the hot thing to write about at the right time, and knew that people would be hungry to read something like that.

Just let it go, and let’s get the season underway.

Da Vinci Code and the Catholic Church: It’s a work of fiction. The author admits it’s a work of fiction at the front of the book. The book is shelved in the fiction section of the library and the bookstore. Many many books have been written already that say it’s a work of fiction.

Finally, now, the Catholic church has decided to weigh in an opinion, two years after the book is published. I think that’s a new land speed record for them, and honestly, they should have had a bigger issue with ‘Angels and Demons’ than they are having with ‘Da Vinci Code’.

Let it gooooooo.

There. I’m done. No, wait - not done yet: There was a school shooting in Minnesota yesterday. The parallels to Columbine (1999) have already been drawn, and they will continue to be drawn and this will probably sit at the forefront of the media for at least another two weeks. Would you believe I was already tired of hearing that story when I saw the second headline.

Ok. NOW I'm done. Do I feel better now? Well, maybe marginally, but at least you know how I feel about these dead horses (no, that's not a Camilla joke) that the media is continuing to beat to death in search of better ratings, better advertising dollars, and the whole mess that goes with it all.... I'm going to go try and find some news that really is worthy to print.