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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Dear Mr. Spammer...

…it’s that time again for another episode of your favorite blog topic and mine: Dear Mr. Spammer.

Ok, well, maybe it’s not your favorite blog topic, but I certainly get an interesting kick out of it every once in a while. And this time there’s a gender reversal because it’s Dear Ms. Spammer.

Dear Ms. Spammer,

I just received your email and after careful consideration I decided that I had to reply. It was your subject line that caught my eye “Cheating House Wife Services”. Figuring that this was a front for desperate housewives who needed a good cleaning service, and have people think that they cleaned the house themselves, I decided to read your message. After all, a good cleaning service is hard to find, right?

Along with a questionable link I find that this is a meet and greet for ladies who want to “meet guys and still keep their families” and are just looking for new friends. And part-time lovers. And one night stands.

And they expect to keep their families? How can they handle it all, though? I mean, if they’re “housewives” who are so busy making new friends and lovers and such, how are they to keep up with the housework, and the kids (should there be any involved)? There’s cooking and cleaning and activities that the kids are involved in, and then some “me” time…

Oh wait, this is for the housewives who want some “me” time, right?

You know, I really think you’d have better luck if this was the list for cheating housewives who need under the table cleaning services and such to keep up with the house duties. If they don’t, then someone is bound to get suspicious as to what they do with all their time. By “someone” I mean the husband and family that they want to keep. I know of people who have sent out private investigators to watch their “housewife” or “househusband” to make sure that they’re doing what they claim they are doing and aren’t doing anything…. And I know someone who found that his wife had a little too much “me” time on her hands.

So, while I thank you for your consideration in sending me the link to find some new friends, I don’t think that I need ones like this. What I need is a cleaning service and to get off your mailing list.

After all, I don’t to know anyone from your list who’s indulging in making new friends since I’ve already known one of those.