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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Where to Start...

...there's so much to cover, and so little time. So do forgive me if things seem a little disjointed.

As many of you readers know, Friday was my 10th wedding anniversary. I found out earlier in the week that we were going to a wonderful restaurant called La Foret in the valley hills. Gorgeous place, incredible food. Last time I was there I had some venison that was out of this world. I was preparing for a very relaxing and wonderful Friday night out.

Then it all went crash.boom when DH mentioned on Thursday evening (a particularly rough day for me) that I'd better eat something for dinner because I wouldn't get to eat meat at all the next day. That's when I realized I was not going to be able to eat at La Foret. Well, we could eat, but we'd be severely limited to the fish. All two plates of it.

So, the reservation was changed. And on Friday in my office I was surprised with a 25 pound flower arrangement. I'm serious, I couldn't lift the darn thing, it's probably heavier than 25 pounds. DH brought it into my office, and came back later in the day to take it home. My office still has a slight scent of flowers (it smelled like a florist shop in here all day, and obscured my view of people coming towards my corner of the world). It's at home now (I still need to take a pic) and making the kitchen stink pretty.

Saturday evening we cleaned ourselves up and looked pretty and dropped the kids off at Grandma's and had a wonderful dinner at La Foret. Tornedous of beef prepared with a tarragon, cabernet and cognac reduction. DH had the buffalo with a cabernet and peppercorn sauce. They were both glorious. Incredible. I've never had food so good.

Seriously, you could have brought the world to an end when I finished the beef and I would have been ok with it. Well, maybe not - that means I would have missed the Grand Marnier souffle, which was also sent from heaven.

Of course, I could be exaggerating, since my memory of the dinner is tempered by the half bottle of 2001 Stag's Leap Merlot that I was drinking at the time. Heeee.

Ok, that covers the weekend. Now for yesterday. Yesterday I took A to the dentist for the second time in a month.

That's right, the second time. The first time was for a regular checkup, and it was there that every parent's fear came true. No, not braces...

A cavity. My bright 9 year old daughter has a cavity. No, it's not the end of the world, but it's certainly the end of her reality. She's finally realized that her sister isn't dumb for always brushing her teeth, and that she paid the price for telling us she was brushing her teeth when she really wasn't.

She was scared. She put up a good front in the car - she was rock solid - but she admitted that she was scared, and that was evident by the way she was hugging a new green froggie she rescued from a garage sale earlier in the weekend. I told her not to worry, since the dentist is a really great guy (and he is, and she knows that).

So, after a quick shot of Novacaine, and a few minutes of drilling, A has a filled cavity in her tooth, and we headed home. I think the drugs did something other personality because once she got home she turned into a right witchy little kid. Going to workout afterwards was a relief so that I could pound out the frustrations on the machines instead of on the kid. No, I'd never hit my kid, but you know what I mean...

So, in short, that's what was going on in my life over the last few days. Yes, there are more details that I left out, but those are the highlights.

Have a great day, and by the way, there's no truth to the rumor that we're all going to be replaced by robots today...

...that happens tomorrow.