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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Random Rambles...

...Yes, it's that time again. Been a while since I've gone and done one of these too. I just haven't had enough of these small fleeting thoughts to put together...

Great Googly Moogly, you ever want to tell someone to just "bite me" (not me personally, but you get what I mean, right)? I sooooo want to be doing that at the time I'm writing this (and since you don't know exactly *when* I'm writing this, you're left to guess, now aren't you...)

So, in listening to Virgin Live Radio from the UK, I keep hearing a commercial for some nicotene gum for quitting smoking. "Giving up smoking needn't be hell with Nicotenelle" or something like that. What I think is hysterical about the whole thing is that they actually state on the end of the commerical (before the standard "Always Read the Label" that I hear on the end of UK drug commercials) is "Requires Willpower".

I think that's hysterical! It's too bad that they don't have those disclaimers on the end of US radio spots.

In California we have a new law as of the New Year - if your windshield wipers are moving at a regular pace to clear rain off the windshield, then you are required to have your headlights on.

Funny thing - I've been doing that for years because it just makes perfect sense. If it's raining that hard, then visibility is clearly compromised, and you should have your lights on so that people can see *you* better.

I think this one is just a "Managing the Morons" type of law.

Allegedly (according to a radio station trivia question I heard) the smell of garlic on the dinner table will reduce dinner time quibbles by 23%.

I wonder if they know it keeps away Vampires too? And colds...

After experiencing some really strange stormy (and not stormy) weather recently, and looking at the sky I realized that no matter how dark the storm, or how long it lasts, there's still blue sky underneath it all.

Another UK commerical I've been hearing is about speed limits. It opens with what the sound of a child being hit by a car going 40 mph sounds like (*brakes squeal* *thump* silence) versus what the sound of a child being hit by a car going 30 mph sounds like (*brakes squeal* *thump* *child crying*). Then you hear a child's voice state that if you hit him going 40 there is an 80% chance that the child will die, where if you hit him going 30 there is an 80% change that the child will live.

That's some pretty powerful advertising, and they should have that on US radio - no one pays attention to speed limits around here, except in a neighborhood after something tragic happens.

The Scene: Career Day
The Setting: a local high school in an affluent part of the Bay Area
The players: students, teachers, career speakers.

Sounds normal and boring, right? Not when you find out that one of the people coming in and talking about her career is a professional stripper who tells the children that the amount of tips she gets is in direct proportion to her bust size.

I'd say that 1 - this is someone who isn't returning to career day, and 2 - the teacher must have been asleep at the wheel if she was screening the people who came in to speak or this one floated under the radar...

...maybe the child in question said Mom was a dancer.

I just got an interesting piece of spam. It said "Learn to realize 'P R O F I T S' of 100,000 or more!"

What I want to know is this: 100,000 of what?

During a recent cold that left my nose raw from being blown all the time, and a cough that made my chest and ribs hurt, and aches that made me feel like a truck had run me over, I realized the worst part was losing my voice for 3 days straight.

You'd think that that would be the least of my troubles, but honestly, it's bad when you feel bad, but it's worse when you can't tell anyone how bad you *really* feel.

Well, I think that's it for now... Have a wonderful day!