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Monday, February 14, 2005
Happy Valentine's Day

...It is, as put so nicely on 'Desperate Housewives' last night, that most dangerous of holidays. Of course, I don't know which category DH has fallen into - the card, the flowers and candy, the reservation, or the plain forgot. I doubt that he's fallen into the latter, since he wished me a Happy Valentine's Day this morning before I left for work, but with some of the comments he's made as it leads up to this day, he may be of the "I'm not getting anything because it's an overcommercialized holiday" group.

I should have reminded him that so is Christmas... Well, either way, it's time for the Sunday Brunch, which is appropriately themed...

'On Valentine's Day, millions of men give millions of women flowers, cards and candy as a heartfelt expression of the emotion that also motivates men to observe anniversaries and birthdays: fear.' -Dave Barry

1) Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other?

Well, yes. We'd better since we've lived in the same house for 10 years (almost). We try and celebrate every Valentine's day - a card, mayve flowers, maybe chocolate, usually a nice dinner out.

2) What is the best Valentine's Day gift you have ever received?

Well, I never get gifts for Valentine's Day unless you count flowers and the rare box of truffles (the chocolate, not the fungus) and that's it. So, I guess the best Valentine's Day gift for me would have either been the dozen red roses, or the box of Godiva truffles, I'm really not sure.

3) Describe your best Valentine date.

Um... I've never really had one, other than DH taking me out to dinner. So, uh...

4) Did you pass out Valentines to your classmates as a child?

I did pass out Valentines to my classmates as a kid. They, however, didn't always pass them out to me. You'd think in a Catholic school where they would say that you had to give Valentines to each kid in the class, that you'd have some measure of fairness, right? So explain to me why I usually only had 2 or 3 valentine cards in my bag instead of the 35-40 that I should have had (because that's how big the class was)?

That sort of soured me on the holiday, such as it is, until high school when we didn't do that crap anymore. Of course then I had to deal with the couples who would fawn over each other, and the guys who would present thier girlfriends with a single rose, or a gorgeous card, or write them a poem or things like that. A little piece of me would die with jealousy, and then rebirth with hope that someone would just romance me off my feet. *sigh*

5) What is your favorite Valentine decor? (hearts, cupids, etcetera)

I don't have a favorite Valentine decor - there really shouldn't be a big emphasis on decor (commercial stuff) but on the feelings that are associated with the day.