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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Dancing in the Sun...
...or should that be dancing in the snow?

Then again, the movie wasn't called "Butch Cassidy and the SnowDance Kid" was it? It was "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (a favorite movie of mine). And how many of you are completely confused now and think that I've lost it? *looks around the room and nods knowingly*

Yes, I figured as much. I suppose you want me to unconfuse you now.

Every year there's this little independent film festival in Park City, Utah. It's called Sundance and was founded by some guy by the name of Robert Redford, who was in that movie I mentioned earlier. Now does it ring any bells? No? Well, it's the premiere independent film festival and several great movies have come out of there.

I'd list them, but half of you may have never heard of them, except for maybe something like "Reservoir Dogs" or "Napoleon Dynamite". Oh yes, you make an independent film, and your goal is to get it shown at Sundance. Heck, I saw last year's Oscar winning Animated Short "Harvie Krumpet" in a short film series that I managed to grab tickets for. I had no idea what I was going to see, and there was this little gem. Depressing and dark, funny in a twisted sort of way, but masterful!

Remember my blogs about McDonald's and some movie called "Super SizeMe" late last year? Oh yeah, that movie was at Sundance - and I couldn't get tickets to it to save my life. Now it's nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary.

I guess I should mention that every year my company sends us there as a sort of... well, I'd say yearly present to the employees, but I'm not sure that that's it either. In all honesty, I'm really not sure why we go there every year anymore. I know the FIRST year we went it was a present to the employees. Now I'm not really sure.

But honestly, I don't think I care. Every year I get to take DH to Utah, I get to visit someone who wants to make sure we know stuff, and I get to see a film or two that may make an impact on the independent film arena, or could inspire someone to do something with that little idea they've had niggling at the back of their brains.

No, it's not lost on me of the irony of my last blog being about how we've lost the knack for growing our imaginations (and the imaginations of our children) and here I am heading to a film festival. With my company that will deliver your DVD to you in the mail so you never have to go OUTSIDE the house to the rental store. Believe me, the irony of this really isn't lost on me AT ALL.

So, this space is going a little quiet for a couple of days because I'll be flying around, playing in snow, trying to stay warm, drinking supremely excellent hot chocolate from JavaCow, watching a couple of movies, doing the company dinner/company party thing, and just enjoying some time off (because I will be doing a lot of walking around and looking at things and talking with DH about anything that crosses our minds).

I'm sure there will be a TravelBlog when I return or some little random glimpses of what (or who) I saw while I was there. And I'll be bringing a notebook just in case I realize something blog-worthy that I want to share with y'all.

So you be good now, and I'll see you when I get back.