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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
The SuperBowl...

… The SuperBowl was on Sunday, and it was good. No, it’s not that I was rooting for one team over the other, although about halfway through I did start rooting for the Patriots. It’s that it truly was a good game, and one of the best ones that the SuperBowl has had in a long time.

But we all know the true reason for the SuperBowl… or is that reasons? It’s not the ultimate pairing of the two best teams in the entire NFL. It’s for the commercials, and the junk food that we’ll eat claiming that it’s a special occasion! (I was good, just two bagel bite style cheese pizzas and some guacamole on my chips) Ah, but I digress… It’s about the commercials. There were, in my opinion, a very small field of good commercials for this year’s game. The game and the halftime show more than made up for it.

Among the halfway decent ones, in my opinion were the following (in no order of importance or ranking):

FedEx’s commercial that lampooned the 10 things that you need to have a great commercial in the SuperBowl. I guess they took pity on Burt Reynolds, or maybe they wanted to torture someone in a bear suit. Either way, it had me grinning.

MasterCard’s commercial with all the product icons getting together for dinner. That was classic.

Budweiser – all the other animals coming to be Clydesdales… loved it.

Pizza Hut – the only reason this commercial makes my good list is because of the “pig is hitting the sauce again” line from it.

Pepsi – they usually have one good ad every year, and this year was no exception. I loved the Diet Pepsi ad with the hot guy walking down the street and gathering a crowd of women following him, including Cindy Crawford… and Carson from ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’

Heinekin (with the Brad Pitt commercial) and Frito Lay (with the MC Hammer commercial) round out the best of the best, and that’s not saying much.

There were so many dogs in this year’s pack of commercials. I could have lived without the Career Builder ones – yes, while the monkeys were funny, and I could relate to the human, it just went a little too far with the multiple times it was aired. Almost all of the beer commercials I could have lived without. Movie trailers, eh. I’ll see those multiple times as the release dates get closer.

Everything else is pretty much forgettable in my mind, but I do have one special mention. GoDaddy – their commercial was the most tasteless thing that was out there. And there’s one that’s worse that was banned from the SuperBowl airing. You've got an old standards and censorship committee (those who demand good clean fun), and the young thing with the "wardrobe malfunction". Anyone see the attempt at a parallel of poking fun at the fuss made over last year? Did they really need to do that? Besides, it didn’t do a thing for communicating what their product is all about, other than the girl saying what they were, although I don’t think a lot of people would have gotten that one since they would have been paying attention to her.

For those who may have missed one or two, IFilm has the SuperBowl ads, but I don’t know for how long. They also have the so-called “banned” commercials. There’s a Budweiser commercial there that didn’t make it to air that shows what happened in wardrobe prior to last year’s halftime show. That one would probably have been the hit of the entire show if it had made it to air.

Click here to see this year’s crop For those who may have trouble with the link, simply go to and click in the top banner (while it's there) for the Super Bowl Ads.