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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
I've been Dancing in the Snow (the Sundance Report)...

...And now I'm back. I've got some gory details on lots of different things, but I'll keep this one general, as I have some interesting thoughts and perspectives on some of the things that happened while I was gone.

On Thursday morning we rushed around to get A & B to school so that we could make it to the airport for an 8:50am flight. We got to the airport close to 7:45, we caught a shuttle, we made it through security, and sat down to wait for the flight.

And we waited. And waited some more. And around 8:50 they said that Reno was fogged in and they'd update us. And so they did, randomly. Eventually they cancelled the Reno leg of the flight and made it a direct to Salt Lake, which made the plane very very empty, but very comfortable for the two dozen people (half of which work with me) who needed to be in Salt Lake.

DH and I settled into the room and then wandered back out into the snow. Yes, it was snowing when I got into Park City, but you have to understand that I'm a California girl and what was really falling was 'frozen fog'. It was dusting with a few large flakes here and there.

Anyway, DH and I had gotten dressed up for dinner with my boss and the team, and we started wandering around the town. Eventually we made it back to a great little restaurant called Purple Sage and met the team for dinner. We made it around the room, traded traveling stories (because anyone who came from where we are had some sort of delay getting here), and then got the shock of the night.

The ex-boss was there at dinner. He'd cut his hair, despite his promises that he'd grow it all out, and DH later commented that it looked like he'd chopped it himself. Ex-boss had some stories about a lady that he's interested in (smartest, most beautiful, etc etc) and his new plans to teach at a university (those poor business students) and which had me and a co-worker musing about whatever happened to the law degree that he was going to get.

Post-dinner DH and I were tired and headed for the room to sleep. Friday morning came early for us as we had tickets to see something called 'High School Record'. Skip it unless you like mockumentaries done by people who try to come off as high schoolers even though they're easily in their early 20s. That and if you like 4 kids who seem to keep trading sex partners and dealing with the so-called angst of their relationships. Bad movie.

We toured ourselves up to the CEO's house and picked up some tickets for a short program and for another movie called '3-Iron' (which we had enough to be able to take someone who just wants you to know things to). After some munching, and some socializing, we headed for our next movie called "This Charming Girl" which was anything but charming. It wasn't bad, mind you, but depressing and left me with an incomplete feeling. I didn't have any love for the character. (Don't worry, I'll go in detail about the movies I saw later this week, probably tomorrow)

After the movie we headed back to the hotel to get dressed for the studio party that the company was attending. A couple of hours of that was interesting. There was a wine bar, a cigar bar, the creepy guy and his leather pant clad girlfriend was in attendance, and she's just as weird as he is. They're perfect together. Thank goodness a speaker at the party started up so that I could move away from them, as I was afraid that they were going to try and ask me to be in a cult or something.

Saturday morning saw us getting up early again to be able to attend a shorts program. Like last year, there were a couple of good ones, and a couple of not-so-good ones (I didn't think there were any bad ones in that run personally). One that I highly recommend is called "West Bank Story"...

After the short program we ran back up the hills to make it to a showing of the Enron documentary "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room". Oh boy - that one's a must see. We're talking "Super Size Me" must see. You will learn things and be presented with perspectives that you've never even thought of. Trust me, if you lived in California during the rolling blackouts, don't have anything in your hands that you could throw at the screen. Really. You could feel the anger levels rise in the room during that part of the movie (The majority of people in the room with me were co-workers, and we're all from California).

After that movie, there was a Director Q&A which we had to miss because we were running off to see "3-Iron". I can't say enough good things about this movie and Sony Pictures Classics seems to have picked it up, so look for it somewhere. It was excellent. I promise, there's almost an entire blog about that movie, but it will probably take up a significant part of the movie review blog I'm planning. After the movie DH, Stasha, and I headed off to find something to eat and eventually decided to head into Salt Lake and meet up with her DH and have dinner at Braza Grill.

Salt Lake City visits = Brazilian BBQ for me. Forgone conclusion. Wish they had a place like this in Silly.Com Valley because it would take off with the right location and promotion. Of this I am positive.

Sunday morning came and we again met up with Stasha and her DH to go through a box of stash, have brunch, do some of the touristy stuff around the Temple Square (there's some amazing things to see there, including an absolutely gorgeous statue of Christ) and then off to Cat's house to meet up with her. It was delightful meeting Cat - it's another face with a name and a personality, and it's a friend!

After that was off to the airport for me and DH, and I can't thank Stasha and her DH enough for driving us around and entertaining us!

The wait in the airport was interesting, however, as I saw the ex-friend from CS walk in with the guy that she's.... well, 'seeing' is probably the nicest term I'll use. We're really not sure, to tell you the truth, what is going on between the two of them other than to surmise that they're probably just right for each other because they seem to have a very cynical view of life. But that's just my perspective on things. She seemed a little nervous to see me and DH there though, and they both kept away from where others of our company were. Something makes me think that they didn't want people to know that they were there...

Anyway, the flights home were relatively uneventful, and we made it home without incident other than being bone tired, and happy to see our kids (who weren't really conscious as we got them home). So, in a very fast thimbleful, that's what happened at Sundance with me and DH. I'll have more detailed blogs about the airport delays, the movies, and a few other things I noticed while traveling in the coming weeks.

If you made it this far, congratulations, and feel free to ask any questions in the comments - I'll pull them all together and answer them in a blog entry as quickly as possible!

It's good to be home.