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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Blogger's spellchecker...

...has got to be one of the more entertaining parts of my day. Yes, I lead a boring life, didn't you know? Oh wait, you do - you read my blog.

Now, I've not bothered to train Blogger's resident spellchecker yet simply because of the entertainment value that it provides when I ask it to check my spelling. Of course, that's usually *after* I've had things corrected automatically in Outlook since I compose most of my blog entries in my email so that I have a backup copy in case Blogger decides to urp (which, by the way, the spellchecker doesn't like and thinks should be the acronyms 'ARP' or 'ARPA' and just below that, Europe).

So, here's a few examples of the stellar examples that Blogger spits back out when you spellcheck (oh and it had a great time with entry too):

Stitcher's = Stuttgart

BlogPatrol = Blackfoot

It hates contractions from time to time, so once in a while I'll get something like "didn" in the spellchecker (it leaves off the apostrophe and the following letters) and get suggestions like diadem, or couldn becomes coalition.

mayo, as in the shortened name for the condiment, becomes Mayo, as in the famous clinic.

Oh, the word 'blog'? It thinks that that should be bloc. As in Eastern Bloc country. If not 'bloc' then 'blows' is another substitute (which is the opinion I'm rapidly obtaining about the darn spellchecker - it blows).

Blogger should be Blocker. Funny - they can't even recognize the name of their own service. Spellchecker should be splices or splashes. And don't forget Google (the parent company that owns Blogger) - the spellchecker thinks that Google is actually Googol. Whatever *that* is (yes, yes, I'll look it up later). I'm actually sort of surprised it didn't suggest 'giggles' as the first option.

Ezboard gets suggested as export. I can see that one.

It doesn't like the word 'whizgidget' but it doesn't have a suggestion for it either. I like playing stump the spellchecker.

And yes, I had to write this one in Blogger because Outlook was having conniptions with spelling certain things...

... of course, it was fine with 'Blogger' and 'stitcher'.

Judging from the response (or should I say, lack thereof) to yesterday's blog, I suspect I may have alienated some readers. That or you had nothing to say in response to my scathingly brilliant entry putting voice to all the things that you're thinking - let it go.

I apologize if there is anyone who was offended by any of the subject matter or my opinions on it, but you have to realize that they are, indeed, my opinions and you don't have to agree or even agree to disagree... just have to respect that they are *my* opinions.