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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
It's the Mother's Day recap post...

... If you're waiting/looking/hoping for a post that's reminiscent of last year's recap post, then stop reading now and go find something else to do. This year’s Mother’s Day was pretty darn fantastic.

I woke up around 5am to the sound of rain. I wasn’t expecting rain, but it was coming down. Knowing that it was a Sunday, I snuggled down a little more (as best I could considering my back was stiff) and went back to sleep. I woke up 3 hours later to a snack table put by the bed with the newspaper, a box of Krispy Kremes, and a bottle of Odwalla Citrus C Monster.

Pure heaven. They were all *filled* Krispy Kremes, including a special Strawberry Shortcake doughnut. Now, they didn’t include my favorite custard filled one, but heck, I got a half dozen Krispy Kremes... and no, I didn’t eat them all by myself. Ugh. That would have been enough to make me swear off them forever.

So, DH comes in to find me awake and asks if I mind being invaded by little ones. I say fine, and the girls scramble in quickly and then run to the other side of the bedroom (it’s a huge room) to grab the presents they cleverly hid away, thinking I would never go in that corner of the room. Both are wrapped in tissue paper and paper bags, and both had cards stating that I'm the Best Mom Ever, and so slowly I pull them away. B painted a cute little box that had a flower inset under glass, and put a Hershey’s Kiss inside just for me. I thought she did a great job on the box painting, even if she didn’t paint up close under the hinges. She didn’t want to just in case she painted it shut. Smart kid.

A and her class had dyed Epsom salts and put them in a little glass bottle that was decorated with plastic flowers secured around the neck of the bottle. Very pretty, even if relatively unusable. It’s sitting on the edge of the bathtub now, and B’s box is sitting on my bedside table – just in case I have the need for a piece of chocolate in the middle of the night. I have great kids.

I didn’t get a card from DH, but I suspect that’s because he’s of the mind that he should give *his* mom a card, and our kids give *me* a card (or rather, they make cards for me). Makes sense to me, but I’ll still give him a card on Father’s Day. You know, my kids' cards that call me the Best Mom Ever (A's even said that I Rock) I usually question with a "...even when I'm being mean?" And they agree. Even when I have to be strict ("mean") I'm still the best mom ever.

I went downstairs with the doughnuts (after consuming two of them) and called my mom and talked with her, which is usually a tiring experience, and this was no different. When I got off the phone, I found DH was cooking bacon (mmmm... Salt!) and asking if there was anything else I wanted with breakfast. So I requested fruit along with the bacon. There were peaches, pears, strawberries, cantaloupe... it was a great breakfast (and I got tastes of each of the doughnuts that I shared). That left one in the box (which I later cut in quarters to share).

Most of the day was spent taking it easy – a few minutes here on the computer, a little while there with the heating pad on my back while reading the latest issue of ‘Game Informer’, watched ‘National Treasure’, ate some French fries (DH baked some up for me because I’ve been craving them for days), and some time was spent stitching. Oh yes, the stitching. I was working on the Tooth Fairy Box by Whiskey Creek so that the DDs could have someplace to leave teeth for the fairy. I almost finished it before bedtime. Bedtime was nice, crawling into bed, with it raining lightly outside, and I was tired. I didn’t have to take any drugs, I was moving around a lot better (and still am), but still I was tired. I know that’s a short encapsulation of the day, but it was a wonderful lazy day. Complete with rain, sunshine and a bright rainbow...

...and that’s how every day should be.