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Friday, May 06, 2005
It's Friday...

...and I managed to make it to my office. But I forgot the Motrin. And I didn't pick up my Starbucks. And my back is starting to ache just a little. I'm going to be a mess in a couple of hours, I just know it.

But, meanwhile, it's the Friday Forum!

1) In your opinion, what characteristics make a good mother? What type of mom would you like to be (or if you're a mom already, what things do you feel are most important to teach your children)?

Characteristics that make a good mom? Mine, naturally. And I dare any mother to give a different answer. Most Moms hope to be good ones, and thus it's thier character set that's the one that works for them, right?

As for teaching children... they need to learn to share, learn patience, ethics, truthfulness, integrity, standing up for oneself... the list goes on and on of what's important to teach them. It's just a matter, then, of what they're willing to learn.

2) Do you have any special plans for Mother's Day this year?

No. I'll call my mom and that's about it. I've no idea if DH and the kids have anything planned for me, but if it's anything like last year... well...

3) What is your mother like? Do you have a good relationship with her? Does she live close by? What kinds of things do you enjoy doing together?

My mother is a self-made paranoid victim and I avoid talking to her when I can. Thankfully she lives almost 2 hours drive away, and she won't drive down to see us by herself. First of all, she's probably scared witless to do it. Secondly, she'd have to drive over a bridge, and she's afraid of water. DH says that's because she's a witch.

4) Do you have someone in your life who is like a "second mother" to you? Who, and how did you meet this person? Do you serve as a "second mother" to someone else?

That would be my MIL...

5) If you have a mother-in-law, do you get along well with her? Why/why not? Are your grandmothers still living, and do you plan to recognize them on Mother's Day, too?

I get along great with my MIL, and it's probably because she just adopted all her kids friends in a roundabout sort of way when they were younger (so I was told by one of the siblings). So, it just seemed like a natural progression.

Both of my grandmothers are gone, so no I can't recognize them on Mother's Day, but I didn't really do that when they were alive.