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Monday, April 25, 2005
Sunday Brunch

...Welcome to yet another week, another Monday, and anotherSunday Brunch:

'It's funny how dogs and cats know the inside of folks better than other folks do, isn't it?' -Eleanor H. Porter

1) If you have pets, name what pets you have, ages, types, colors, and anything else that you want to describe about your pets. Post pictures if you have them!

I have fish, but I won't get into thier ages. The most beloved pet is our 11 year old German Shepard known as Sasha. She's pretty spry and peppy for an old lady, but at night her age shows a bit because she wants in from the cold evening, and to be on her blanket in the warm corner.

I went looking for a pic of her and me that I know DH took, but I can't find it...

2) What is your dream pet? (That is, what animal would you own if money, state laws, space, allergies, were not an objection?)

Well, there's always a ferret, but honestly I think I'd want another Sasha. Only with less of the predilection for scratching at doors and windows.

3) Are you a cat or dog person? Is your spouse a cat or dog person? If it is different, does it affect your relationship in any way?

Dog people. We're both definitely dog people. I have random allergies to cats that I can never pin down - outdoor cats, indoor cats, long hair, short hair, medium hair - doesn't matter which, I'm randomly allergic to some and not allergic to others. So I'm dog people by default.

4) Describe your first pet from childhood that your family owned. Post a picture if you have one.

The only pet we ever owned was a big black male German Shepard named Tobo. He was great. He was massive, but then this is the memory of a small child. If the parents said 'fetch' and didn't throw anything, he'd drag me back from wherever I was. He was furry and fluffy and warm and the bestest dog I ever met... until Lucas and Sasha.

5) What is your favorite activity to do with your pets? Give a good funny story about something interesting your pets did, if you have one.

Hrm. The funniest thing I remember about Sasha is from when she was a puppy and we'd give her a lambswool doll that was shaped like a man. She'd rip that thing to shreds - bang its head on the floor, shake it until we were dizzy from watching her, and then she'd calmly go to a corner and chew on it's head. Vicious little 3 month old she was.

I really enjoy taking Sasha for walks, but I don't do it enough, but I think she enjoys it when I throw the ball for her until she drops.