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Friday, April 15, 2005
It's Friday....

...and with the week I've had, I'm so glad it's here. Now, let's cover the Friday Forum...

What was the last ...

1) ... gift that someone gave you? Was it for a special occasion or just out of the blue? What's the last gift that you have given to someone else, and why? Did they like it?

The last gift... well, there were two. Sort of. DH gave me his mileage plus statement so that I could obtain a plane ticket to go to Nashville CATS, and a few friends gathered together to buy me gift certificates to Talbots for something I really wanted. I wasn't expecting either.

The last gift I gave someone? I gave two because two birthdays fall on the same day. The Woozle Woman liked her fairy tshirt that I found for her. I don't know how the one with Acreage liked her present because I don't know if it arrived on time yet. But I'm sure she'll like it.

2) ... time that you took a walk? Where did you go? Did you walk with someone or go alone? Did you see anything interesting along the way? Do you enjoy walking as a form of exercise?

Last time I took a walk was yesterday at lunch - me and a couple of others decided to bail on the workplace and walk over to a nearby restaurant and just chill out there. Granted, it wasn't your traditional nature walk, but it was enough that we got out of the place.

As for walking as a form of exercise? I think it's an outstanding form of exercise if done properly (right shoes, don't try to half run the course, don't amble along slower than slow, etc)

3) ... thing that you thought of before going to bed last night? Why was it on your mind? Did you sleep well last night? Did you have any dreams?

Hrm. I think the last thing I thought of before going to bed was how will the baseball game on Saturday go, and that was on my mind because of a conversation that DH and I had about DDs and the baseball team. I slept very well, I think - I know I didn't wake up until the alarm went off, and if I dreamed I certainly don't remember them.

4) ... day of high school like for you? What were your feelings on that day? Do you still keep in touch with any high school friends?

Oh lord, do you really want to know? I was so darn thrilled to be escaping from that place. I knew that all I would have to endure is 3 more months at home, and then I'd be outta there, mostly for good.

The last day did have its own angst - someone that I had rejected (too obsessive/possessive and he really didn't have any interpersonal skills to speak of) finally deigned to speak to me, and he told me upon passing after the closing of the ceremony that he'd heard about the college that I was going to (it was having an issue with a series of on-campus rapes at the time). He told me "Hope you get raped, but then you won't be that lucky." If it wasn't for someone behind him, he would have gotten a big fat black eye, or I would have relocated his intestines with a good punch. This wasn't the psycho stalker, this was someone else who found out that while I was a very intelligent female creature (he was desperate for an intellectual equal), I was to be looked down upon because I participated in sports.

Yes, sports. You see, he was a believer in the statement that in the matter of the destinies, brain shall always outweigh brawn. Evil geek was he. I hope he's ashamed of himself for that comment, but I seriously doubt it. I should have turned and gone to talk to his parents about it, because I think his father would have killed him for talking to a woman like that.

5) ... phone call you made? To whom, and how long did you talk? Are you on the phone often? How many phones do you have at home?

Last phone call I made was to someone who wants us to know things and that was because my cell phone cut off the call she had made to me. It lasted a total of about 10 minutes, and I call her nightly now (temporarily) to nag her into going to the gym.

We've got 3 phones at home, if you don't count the cell phones. If you count those, we've got 5.