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Friday, April 08, 2005
It's Friday....

...and that can only mean the Friday Forum!

1) Do you normally invest a lot in your appearance? Why/why not? Would you say that you are pretty particular about your appearance, don't care at all what you look like, or are somewhere in-between? Do you spend a lot of time each day on how you look?

You know, I probably should invest a lot more into my appearance, so the heavily made up, propped up by underwire, overly under dressed divas at work tell me. Honestly, as long as my clothes don't have holes or stains, are clean, and my hair and teeth are brushed, I'm good to go. I don't invest a lot in appearance because I was always told while growing up that it's more important to be a good person (because everyone else in the world is bad and out to get you) than it is to look pretty, and to work with what you have.

I've always taken that to mean that I wasn't a pretty child. And I wasn't. And I don't think I'mm that pretty of an adult - but I get by. I have some good assets, and I don't need makeup or a fancy hairstyle or slimming sexy clothes to emphasize them.

2) If you could give someone else a day spa makeover (the full treatment ~ hair, nails, clothes, makeup, etc.), who would you choose and why? Do you ever watch makeover shows on TV (such as "A Makeover Story" on TLC)?

A full day spa makeover? Whichever of my friends needs it the most as a pick-me-up. I've never done the spa thing, and I'm not sure I want to start. After all, you don't miss what you don't know, right?

And I hate those makeover shows - I watched a couple of them once, and honestly some of those people were in better shape than I am, and therefore I think parts of them are rather degrading to the normal average person. Of course, yes, there are some miraculous things that happen, and some shows are about surgical procedures to better someone's life, and I'm not trying to bring those down.

3) Do you feel like you look your age, or do you feel older or younger? Why? What's your current age (if you don't mind sharing!), and what's the age that you *feel* like?

Do I feel like I look my age. Sometimes. Other days I know I look about 20 and that sometimes works against me in the office. And other times it just doesn't. I'm 33, almost 34, and how I feel depends on what's going on that day.

Today is Friday, and I think I'm aging in reverse at the moment. I should be about 16 around 3:00pm today.

4) What about your appearance would you most like to change? Why? What do you feel are your best features? Would you ever undergo plastic surgery?

My appearance? I'd like to shave off that bone spur on my nose that gives it a bump at the bridge, and I'd like a slimmer tummy. I'm working on the tummy, and I really don't think I want sharp implements anywhere near my eyes. So I don't think I'd ever have surgery, unless I was in a major accident that required some fixing.

Best feature? Definitely the big brown cow eyes. Heee.

5) Which celebrities do you feel are the most beautiful, and why? Is it just their outside appearance that is so striking or also their inside (personality, mannerisms, etc.)?

The list? Not in any order of importance: Michael Vartan (from Alias - he's just hot), Jennifer Garner (she comes off as being so hometown girl does good, and genuine, and she's just plain cute), Jospeh Fiennes (from Shakespeare in Love... yummy guy), John Cusack (reminds me of an old boyfriend, even though they don't look that much alike - it's the offbeat characters that have a conscience and a goal that I like about him), Ben Browder (FarScape, and soon to be, SG1 - he's just... ooooo, droolworthy, it's those bright blue-green eyes and perfect bone structure without being a sharp featured model sort of look), Julia Roberts (I don't know... there's just something self-assured and confident without being arrogant about her that's attractive), and I'm sure there are many many more that I'm forgetting, but that's the list and the whys and wherefores.

So that's it from me for the week, and blogging might be a little sparse next week - I'll be here, I'll pop in and say something but I might not have long pithy entries.

Hey, sometimes even the most consistent writers and columnists need a break, right? No, it's not writers block, before you ask.

Have a great weekend everyone!