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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

... found on a random blog while browsing...

Accent: California. Everyone says Californians have an accent, I just don't hear it.
Bra size: none of your business... but let's just say it's not too big nor too small for me.
Chore I hate: washing the kitchen floor
Dad's name: Angelo
Essential make-up: None
Favorite perfume: None
Gold or Silver: Silver
Hometown: Vallejo, CA
Interesting fact: Um...
Job title: Business Analyst. I think. Sometimes it's Database Analyst. It seems to change with whatever they need me to do.
Kids: 2
Living arrangements: own a house occupied with the previously mentioned two kids, a DH, a large dog that thinks she's a puppy, and some fish. And assorted daddy long leg spiders that hide in the corners.
Mom's Birthplace: Italy
Number of apples eaten in last week: 1
Overnight hospital stays: Once in high school (massive dehydration from flu), then the stays for having the kids. I think there was one more when I was really little after a strong asthma attack, but I don't recall exactly if that was a middle of the night run to the hospital or an early evening and they kept me for observation sort of thing.
Phobia: Ladders. Hate ladders. I'm reasonably OK with heights but hate ladders.
Question you ask yourself a lot: Am I really doing this right?
Religious affiliation: Catholic. Lapsed, sort of.
Siblings: One. Brother. Younger. Autistic.
Time I wake up: 5:00 am
Unnatural hair color: It was streaked with blue and pink once. Never have totally dyed it. And no, there aren't pictures, or if there are, I don't have them.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Broccoli Rabe
Worst habit: Slouching
X-rays: Lungs (many times as a kid), knees (at least 4x), ankle (once after twisting it badly coming off a curb), teeth (several times) and I think that's it.
Yummy food I make: Lasagne, enchiladas, chicken and dumplings...
Zodiac sign: Cancer

Jury Duty Watch: escaped one more day... yesterday when I checked online for status, it said for me to check in after 5. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the court is closed on Thursday (tomorrow), so that's one *more* day down. Today I have to check in at noon again.

Now I'm starting to feel a little disappointed about it. As a friend with acreage pointed out, it might not be bad to be stuck in a courtroom just waiting all day just to be excused....

...somehow that sounds very tempting.