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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
How does she do it....

… I bet you’re thinking that this is some sort of rant about how someone actually manages to make it through daily life, or some musing on “super-parent”, but it’s not. It’s about me.

Many times over the years people have wondered how I manage to keep coming up with topics for this blog or interesting questions to ask on various internet bulletin boards. It’s simple really.

It’s pure curiosity. Really.

I could read something, or be listening to a song, or observe an interaction or situation, or simply be faced with a situation that I need to handle in some way, and I get to thinking about it. And I think and think. Sometimes the mouth starts running off to whomever might be in the room with me at the time… or the fingers start flying in an IM with someone about it.

Generally, however, I have two results that come from my wondering about whatever-it-is that was currently occupying my brain at the time.

Result one: I have an opinion – sometimes a strong one, sometimes one that can cover all sides of the situation - that’s what makes it into the blog.

Result two: I have a question (or two or three) – that’s what makes it onto the boards.

That’s all there is to it – I’m just an observationist with an opinion and a big wide streak of curiosity. And that’s all for today, because amazingly enough I wasn’t curious or opinionated enough to think of something to write about other than this.

Have a wonderful day!