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Friday, April 22, 2005
It's the Friday Forum...

...this week, the list owner reminsced about her grandmother and her favorite color, which was purple...

1) Do you have any purple clothes in your closet? If so, what items are they? Do you enjoy wearing the color purple (or shades of it)?

I have at least one purple shirt in my closet, and I think I still have a purple sweater. I really rather like the color purple, and I don't think that I have enough of it, but it's hard finding that just right shade for me.

2) Do you like the color purple in general? Why/why not? What does the color purple mean to you (i.e., how would you describe purple and its connotations)? How does the color make you feel?

I love the color purple - it's a calm shade that simmers with power underneath it. It's a happy color, without being depressing. You know how most dark colors seem... oppresive? Purple isn't like that.

3) Name some purple objects that are surrounding you right now (if any).

Um... there's purple on my kleenex box. I've got a purple dragon that I stitched that's hanging here in the office. Um... I don't have a lot of purple around me.

4) Have you ever eaten any purple foods or had any purple drinks (or would you)? Why/why not?

Purple food? Well, if you count cake frosting as a food. And does grape juice still count as being purple? I drink Concord grape all the time.

5) Would you decorate any part of your home with purple? Why/why not?

If you mean a couch or a carpet, no - sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. But little things here and there, sure. Purple figures into almost everything that I stitch in one way or another, so there's always shades of it around the house...

Well, that's it from me this week. Sorry it's been quiet in the blogging realm, but I've not had a lot of energy or desire to work on those drafts I have. I'll try and do better next week. Until then - have a great weekend!