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Thursday, April 28, 2005
The fat cells are screaming...

...that's what DH says when I mention that I'm craving something that's inevitably bad for me. Usually its when I mention that I want french fries that are hot from the fryer or some really decadent ice cream. Sometimes its just on a day when I've been snacking more than usual or complaining that I'm hungry even though I've just had lunch.

Oh, that sounds bad. I don't snack *that* much. Not nearly. Ah, but the fat cells are screaming. And whining.

I was dying from the anticipation of the rumor that I'd heard a year ago that a local Krispy Kreme was going to open up, and then they broke ground and I watched them build that building from the ground up. And they finally opened on Tuesday. And the building is about 2 miles from our home. And I can't stand it. Fresh hot super sweet fat pills are within easy reach.

Too easy reach. I drive past that location every single day on my way to work. There's no avoiding it, even if I take a different route, I'll pass that Krispy Kreme. Here's what's worse - they have a drive-thru. Drive-thru's are a most wonderful thing - the Starbucks that I go to every Friday morning for my hot chocolate with caramel has a drive-thru. I don't have to leave my nice warm car to get my nice warm drink.

Now I don't have to leave my nice warming up car to get my nice hot fresh fat pills. That sort of taunting should be illegal, don't you think? To see a red neon "Hot Doughnuts" sign glowing in the dark as you drive around a bend and could easily move the car over to slide in and grab something so bad for you that it contains all your fat intake for about a day and a half.

So the fat cells are screaming in protest this morning as I sit here with my green tea, and the rain is pounding at the windows outside and the Krispy Kreme has been open for 48 hours and I have yet to darken the doorstep (or hit the drive-thru). Yes, it's raining outside - I thought I lived in California, but apparently I was wrong. And since April showers bring May flowers, I suspect that Claritin is going to be doing brisk business next month. I should buy stock in that company for that reason alone. Ah, but I digress. The fat cells are screaming, and I need to go off and do something else they're drive me mad with the taunts that it's just a 12 minute drive down the road for some sugary hot goodness...

...don't wish me luck, wish me willpower.