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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
The Wednesday Memes...

...It seems like I'm depending on these more and more, but they're kind of interesting...

What's on....Right Now??
What's on your 'bathroom counter' Right Now?

I would be deathly afraid of some people's answers. For me, there's some dust. There's a couple of bottles of contact lens solutions, a jewelry box and another little cardboard box full of lampwork earrings, a fresh tube of toothpaste (still in the box, upon which I rest my toothbrush), an almost empty bottle of toothpaste (still in use), a basket containing hair stuff and nail polish, and two boxes containing my disposable contact lenses.

On DH's side, there's a couple of bottles of hair related products, some mouthwash, his electric razor (and some scruff trimmings, I'm sure, if he's shaved this morning), his toothbrush and toothpaste... and I think that's it.

Yes, it's a lot of stuff... but we have a double sink setup in our bathroom. Plenty of space for the both of us.

The Wednesday Matinee
The Passion of the Meme...

1. What are your thoughts about Hollywood making money on the life of Jesus?

Oh boy, you really sure you want to know? I could almost write a book on this one.

Something seems sacrilegious about this one. It's the Commercialization of Christ - of course, now that you can buy the DVD of "Passion of the Christ" at Wally World for $14.98, it's the Cheapening of the Christ. I understand that the movie is just a commodity - a product - and no different than a copy of an expanded edition of, say, "Princess Diaries". This should be no different than the previous movies out there, like "Godspell" or "Jesus Christ Superstar", but for some reason, it is. Hollywood is out to make money, that it their purpose. It is not to enlighten, entertain or educate us. Anyone who thinks so is a fool.

Maybe my issue with trying to get past that capitalism, is the connection that a lot of people made with this movie. Maybe it's the outrage, or the deeper thinking. Maybe it's the lightbulbs that finally turned on for a lot of people (because now they had the visual cue) of "Hey, this was a real man having nails pounded into his flesh, crucifixion really was brutal!" I'm not trying to make light of the story and what really happened when it did, but I know someone who had that actual revelation.

What? You thought it was a walk in the Gardens? It's difficult when you read this story through your life (or have someone read it to you) and you think that that's horrible, but it's tempered with the idea that He did this for us. Then you get a visual cue, drawn out in detail as it was in "Passion" and it all snaps into place.

I've seen lots of clips from the movie, I've not seen it yet myself. I *will* see it, but something just doesn't feel right about getting it in a little red envelope in the mail.

2. What's your favorite movie set in "historical" times (medieval, greek, roman, victorian, etc)?

Oh my... I don't think that I have a favorite movie set in a 'historical time' except... maybe "Last of the Mohicans" or "Braveheart"....

3. What's your favorite movie based on a true story?

"Braveheart". Definitely Braveheart.