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Thursday, August 26, 2004
Still haven't moved...

...but here's a few observations about how it's rattled some people over the last few days.

Note: If you have my work phone number, it's going to change, and I won't be answering the old one starting... probably tomorrow. Contact me for the new number... I can't remember everyone who has it, but all who do have called me at least once - so I'll probably remember if you've never had it...

The boss hasn't noticed... he's on his way to the UK. His office has slowly been stripped down here and there, but his computer and all his personal stuff is still in place. Someone asked me if I was taking care of it - no, I'm not, and no one has asked. And if they do, I'll just hold a box up to the edge of the desktop and sweep it all into the box with an arm. I've done that before for people who went on vacation and left me to move their stuff.

I don't pack other people's offices. The boss isn't on vacation... but I still won't pack his office for him.

When you tear down physical walls between people who normally don't speak in the course of the day, you find that you start talking about the most interesting things... and you notice other things you didn't notice before...

Four women start talking about the Scott Peterson murder trial. They all think he's guilty. Two think he'll be found as such; the other two think he'll probably get off because they won't be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did it. One man walks by and says "Innocent until proven guilty".

Makes you think what he would be saying if we were discussing how innocent we thought an alleged female murderer is, hrm?

Three people in the office are AOL IM junkies. I can hear that little sparkly incoming message chime constantly now that the walls are down. Unless they're IM'ing each other (highly unlikely, but you just never know), they've got very active chat lives.

Two people have found out that I'm a Yahoo Towers and Zuma addict. They're currently now coddling a fledgling addiction to those games too.

It's colder in the office. I know from the temperature on my clock that it's not really any colder at all. The temperature hasn't changed at all. But it's colder in here. We think that some of the walls were deflecting the air conditioning and since they're not there now, we feel it.

My office is small. They've moved out my lateral file cabinet and the desktop that was over it. So now I have this empty space. It feels... odd... and small. They're going to take two more panels and my shelf today, I think. Once they do that, my office will just have walls on two sides - just enough to support my desktop panel that my monitor is on. That's going to be freaky.

Nobody believes the IT guy who is telling us that we plug our computers into our phones. It's a new digital network with IP phones.

I can't wait until they show up in my office asking how I got my computer to see the network when I'm not plugged into the 'B' slot on my network box under my desk.

Well, that's all for now... I'm nervous and excited and all just ready to get this over with, as you can probably tell. Just wait until next week when I write 'Scenes from a Move'...

...I just hope my other chair made it over to my new office.