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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Because I have nothing better to talk about today...

... I'm going to work in a couple of memes....

First up, the The Wednesday Matinee...

Would you like to upsize that meme?

1. Samuel Jackson vs Denzel Washington: who wins?
Ooooo. That's a tough one, and a touchy one for some. But I'd have to say Samuel Jackson wins. He can talk his way out of anything, and I like a good intellectual fight.

2. How many times have you seen your favorite movie?
Oh man... I don't have a specific favorite, but I've seen 'Say Anything' about a dozen times, and 'Princess Bride' at least 20 times. Those rank among my favorites of all-time.

3. What current event or news would you like to see made into a movie?
Definitely *not* the current Olympics situation, and I'd have to say that the life story of Michael Phelps would be a pass for me too, since he's just 19 and hasn't done all that much except win an extraordinary amount of medals with amazing skill... so, there's really not anything on the news right now that I would want to see made into a movie because the purpose of a movie is to make money, and to make money (as you've seen by examples provided in mainstream media) you have to sensationalize things. I don't like seeing things blown way out of realistic proportion that have happened in real life, therefore, there's nothing I want to see made into a movie.

~Four Gallon Pop Upgrade Bonus~ What's your favorite movie drink?
Coke. Duh.

They haven't updated What's On... Right Now? yet for the day, but I'll answer last weeks...

What's on your 'kitchen counter' Right Now?
Well, let's start with the island in the middle of the room. That would be some coupons, a catalog, the remainder of a loaf of french bread, a fake flower arrangement that I made as a centerpiece, and probably DH's cell phone - because he's taken to charging it at the kitchen island instead of in his office. No biggie.

On the other counters, there would be the toaster, the coffee grinder, DH's French press, the spice racks, my Cadbury Cocoa tin (with Cadbury Cocoa powder in it), a wine bottle or two, the chef's pot where I keep all my utensils, the knife block, dishwashing soap bottle, a basket with napkins for the dinner table, a large stereo, the phone, and a notepad. I don't think I'm forgetting anything.

And before you state that I have a lot of clutter, you have to understand that I have a kitchen about the size of most people's living rooms. Extra wide, VERY long. The counter for the island itself is 4' wide by 7' long. Might be 7.5', I forget. Told ya - big kitchen.

For those interested in the saga of office moving, I haven't yet. Apparently the phones aren't ready, they're still moving things around, and the cubicles need a wipe-down (so I'm told by someone else who went over there, who may or may not be blowing things out of proportion).

...and to address a comment made yesterday: yes, I do have a corner 'office' - it's a cubicle because they ran out of offices before I could get one (all the Directors came before me), but my spot is in a corner, one side is windows, there are 6' walls on one side and for the cubicles across and around me (because those are HR, and they like their privacy), and I have half walls (about 4' high) on three sides. So I'm in my own private little oasis - far enough away from the VP's door so that no one mistakes me for his admin (hopefully)... oh, and it's an 8' x 10' office space, as opposed to my current (cramped) 7' x 7'.

Well, that's about it from me today, hopefully I'll have something more pithy and interesting to talk about tomorrow. Until then...

....have a great time doing what you're doing.