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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Random Rambles...

...Once again, I'm gonna 'hit and run' with some fragmented thoughts.

A is a philosopher... or a drug addict at 8 1/2.

She came up to me the other day and announced:

The Wind is Indestructible

She's right... and is only allowed to have chocolate as the extent of drugs she can have.

One should never attempt to screw with someone's reputation or career who has all their IM conversations in a handy dandy notepad file. Especially when those conversations include many nasty things that that other someone said about their supposed friends, co-workers, managers, etc.

Thank you Trillian.

Whyever would a town of 38,401 people need an Armored Personnel Carrier? The town that I live in has one set up as a police cruiser.

Ever notice how appropriately Windows is named...

...considering they keep breaking.

Spotted in a convertible Mustang driving down the expressway the other night: a handicapped placard (car was being driven by reasonably young person), and a 'Kerry for President' button hanging just below that placard.

Was one the reason for the other? Or were they completely independent of each other?

*no offense intended to those who are handicapped, reasonably young, Mustang owners/drivers, or Kerry supporters... I was just wondering*

Color me stupid or something, but I was just working through a spreadsheet and listening to a radio station on the web, when on came The Eagles "Lyin' Eyes". And I was hit with a revelation.... wasn't just the old man in the song she was lying to, but to the young man she goes to meet, and to herself. I have NO idea why I never thought about that before.

Strange are the connections my mind makes when focused on numbers and something else pops in there on the periphery....

Get this: Two guys rob a house. They take off when the cops show up (either by patrol or call, I'm really not sure). Cops pursue on foot. Robbers scale fence and drop into trainyard. Cops abandon pursuit. Cops get call 10 minutes later about guy getting hit by CalTrain.

Yup... one of the robbers ran down a train tunnel and got nailed. Died with his last known act to be that of a B&E (breaking and entering).

Just another example of how the karma train rides again...