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Friday, August 27, 2004
A new and improved Friday Five...

...yes, yet another one. An individual with Acreage pointed this Yahoo Group out to me recently, and I think they're great! Especially because she posts the questions the night before so that I can have a jump start on writing a response.

But before I start... I just crossed 10000 visitors to this blog, with over 24000 hits since I started writing in October. Wow.

This is like crossing 100K on your car odometer (something I missed the other day when it happened with the Jeep, and didn't realize until I was 50 miles past it)

1] Do you enjoy it when others make a big deal out of your birthday?
Why/why not? When you were growing up, did your family do a lot of
birthday celebrating or keep things pretty low-key?

Well... if I say I enjoy it, then I'm an ego hound; if I say I don't enjoy it, then people stop paying attention to my birthday! I, like most people, do enjoy being remembered on my birthday. When I was growing up, since my birthday falls the day before the 4th of July, nobody really paid attention - including my family. Usually there was a barbequeing of things (which coincided with it being the 4th of July) and that was about it. No party, no big deal... even my friends never called, what few friends I had, because it was the middle of summer and a holiday besides, so no one really pays that much attention.

It's not quite as bad as being born around Christmas, but the neglect factor is up there.

2] What did you do for your last birthday, and how do you think
you'll spend the next one?

I spent my last birthday lazing about the house, taking a nap, playing Spyro, stitching, and talking on the phone (finally!) with Sasydragon. I have no idea how to spend the next one... I usually don't until the day itself arrives and I find out what other people may have planned.

3] What are some of the best birthday presents that you've ever
received? Do you feel that you are a hard person to buy gifts for?

Best birthday presents? Well, I *do* love my KitchenAid mixer DH got me... and then there's the flat panel monitor DH bought to make up for last year *and* this year. And then there's those stash presents folks bought - like Mini-Mystery F, and Weeping Willow Keep (from two people who collaborated), and A Winter's Tale...

I don't think that I'm that hard to buy for. I have an Amazon wish list, a stash wish list, and buying me a gift certificate for Amazon or Barnes and Noble is always appreciated. There's never enough books...

4] Where were you born, and what time of day? Do you know what the
weather was like then? When you look at your baby pictures, what
thoughts come to mind?

I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in the middle of the late afternoon. I figure that the weather was probably warm since it *was* July. I really don't think much of anything when I look at my baby pictures, but then I don't have any of them around - Mom still has custody of all of them. I doubt I'll ever get them while she's alive. I asked once, she started to cry at the request, Dad got mad that I made Mom cry and that was the end of that.

5] How do you typically keep track of special events such as
birthdays? Is there one month in particular where you have a *lot* of
birthdays to celebrate?

I make sure I have most birthdays on a calendar - DH keeps the family one, and I keep a notation in my planner calendar for other close friends. February is the month that explodes with birthdays... there's at least 8 family birthdays (maybe more) and 2 good friends... and who knows who else I'm probably forgetting...

So... that's it for today, other than.... I'm finally moved into my new office!!! They powered me up yesterday, and I decided to strike while the iron was hot. So, I'm sitting here with my keyboard in my lap and my feet up on my 'box' (because I don't have my keyboard tray yet and it's easier to type that way) in the dark - partly because the lights come on with motion, and partly because I haven't figured out where the manual light switches are.

I haven't figured out where the hot water is so that I can have my tea either. That one's going to be a challenge too. But they've moved the little coffee service thing, so I can always go fool the darn thing into making hot chocolate for me.

Again - anyone who has my old office number - it's changed. You can either call the old one and get the new number from the voicemail there, or you can contact me and get the new number.

Either way... have a great weekend.