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Monday, August 30, 2004
The Question of the Week...

...the stitching related one, that is. The "how everyone's fared in the move" question still remains to be fully answered...

Do you feel cross stitching requires patience?

Oh, you bet it does. If you're not patient, then you make mistakes. No one likes to frog.

When I started out, I was the least patient person in the world. I want results and want them instantly (probably the reason I like movies - the plot usually starts moving right away). I was the same way with the kids - I couldn't wait for them to start walking so that we could do more things. That also applied to stitching - I wanted things to be done quickly. After all, it's just one stitch at a time, it's just these little string and fabric x's, right? How hard and slow could that be?

Amazingly enough, HOURS. It can take hundreds of hours - especially if you miscount even by one fabric thread - hours of frogging, and restitching. That's probably what happened with that wing mishap on 'Dragon Ride' where I was off by one stitch and had to frog that entire back wing out. I was pretty sure that I just miscounted; DH, at the time, said it was because I was watching a movie while stitching. Amazingly enough, I make more mistakes when I'm sitting quietly stitching than I do when I'm chatting or watching a movie.

Anyway, I noticed that when I was stitching I was also slowing down - and not just my hands physically slowing down. Mentally, emotionally, psychologically I was settling into a quieter space. I realized how 'zen' the activity really is, and how much more patience I was gaining as a result.

Now, don't get me wrong - this isn't rocket science or the recalibrating of a timing mechanism for a fine watch, folks. This is stitching - you take it one stitch at a time, even for the specialty stitches that wind thread around other threads. It's not like you can sit down and finish a sampler in a night (unless you're already very close to finishing after previously spending hours on it in the first place). It takes some time and some work, some dedication and patience.

Yes, I'm still an impatient individual for some things, but not when it comes to my stitching - and I think it shows in the tension of the stitches and the overall 'look' of the finished product.