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Monday, December 15, 2003
The Weekend in Review....

...what the heck did I do all weekend? Oh yes, stress about work. Well, that and a few other things.

Remember the review I blogged about? Well, I finally got to review it with the boss. He thought it was a pretty good review. I thought it was a pretty good review if you took out the number rankings.

Looks like my boss thinks I'm a pretty sharp cookie - he let me know that they had a choice when they created my position. They could move me, with a known set of skills and vast knowledge of the company, or they could have found a Stanford MBA student, who would most likely be untested and have to learn the business. They took a small risk, and it's turning out well (so they tell me). And that's when I reminded him that I'm a double major in Finance and International Economics.

Ah, he'd forgotten that - he inherited me and thus, never has reviewed my resume.

But then I got a few new assignments to work on. And these are cost analysis projects where I'm sitting here, almost frozen, not knowing where to begin. *gulp* I may be in over my head here. But, it's a challenge. And like any challenge, I shall attempt to rise to the occasion. But I'm still terrified. No, I lie. I'm nervous - about as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs can be.

So after that, I went through a 5 hour First Aid recertification course (ick, leaving work at 5pm on a Friday is foreign to me now), and then went home to enjoy the night and go to sleep.

Saturday was fun. I don't remember what I did besides clean the house and watch Chicago, but I'm sure it was fun. Otherwise I'd be here whinging about it, now wouldn't I? Hrm.

Sunday was definitely fun - the monthly stitchers GTG was at my house. From 11 to just after 7 we ate, chatted and stitched. A good time was had by all there (so they tell me). Although, I was a little disappointed by A who kept chattering through the day - usually with a narration of what she was doing at that very moment. I was slightly embarrassed, and had a short talk with her about consideration and politeness after everyone left. I tried to point this out to her quietly while folks were still there, but that didn't seem to take hold.

Still.... I got lots and lots done on the present that I'm doing for a good friend as a wedding present. And I'm so close to done I can taste it. Granted, they may not have it prior to Christmas because of the need to order framing supplies yet - that and I'm leery of mailing it prior to Christmas with the temporary USPS workers that come in - theft in the USPS goes up at this time of year, and I don't want anything to happen to this piece. Especially after the amount of time and love I've put into it.

Ah well, gotta get back to work and mull over depreciation schedules.