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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
It's all a matter of perspective....

We could run off and put a serious hurt on the people who put together Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica remake, or we could leave them alone so that we can see how this plays out. If it ever gets the chance, considering all I can find is that was a two part excursion, and there's nothing more to see.

For those who have not seen it and have it saved and waiting for them at home, you may want to skip the next paragraph and look for the next set of italics asking you to rejoin us. For those who have, come with me.

I was in serious shock. Come on, the PR guy was almost a given from the start of the mini-series, but Boomer? I may have to go watch the end of that to confirm whether that was the real thing... And to re-count of Cylons that were in that final scene, because something's niggling at me, and I think there were more than 12. Oh... And if they have Apollo and Starbuck hook up, I might hurl. Although, that may make some fanfic writers that are out there writing alternative universes very VERY pleased.

Ok... it's safe for those who didn't watch the show to rejoin us.

Yesterday I did a simple kindness to a friend. I hadn't spoken with her in a while, and I didn't know she'd been feeling low. But that simple kindness blew her away - she conveyed that she was incredibly happy at my little gift. I was amazed when she brought it to light in a public forum that she thought I was awesome. After all, I did such a small thing... at least I thought I had.

So. Perspective. As above, you could either be thrilled or disenchanted with last night's show. Or you could think that you did a small nothing, when it reality, you did a big SOMETHING for someone. Or treading the line between two sides (where I currently am residing on Battlestar Galactica). I spent a lot of time on that invisible two sides of the coin line yesterday, since I'd gotten back my anonymous peer review.

To explain... every 6 months, we go through a review process here. And we pick among our peers (who have worked with us closely) a few to rate us on aspects such as Productivity, Passion, Creativity, Reliability, and a few others. (For those who are interested, we started out doing this with a company called Visual360 who has an entire package for this kind of thing.) After raters are selected, you get your lists of people to rate. And all but two ratings are anonymous. You have to rate yourself, and your boss has to rate you - those are the two ratings that aren't anonymous. And you rank folks from 1 to 5, no half points. 1 is Unsatisfactory, 5 is Extraordinary...

So tell me, how do 3 people give me 2s (Needs Work) for Honesty, when all my other scores for that are solid 3s and 4s (more 4s than 3s)... Maybe those 2s were for needing to learn when not to be honest? Ok, ok. I'll stop lying to myself on that one. When I look at the scores and the averages, it's roughly a B+. There's some 3.6 and 3.7 averages in there. Only one average rank of a 4.0 - for reliability.

So I tread this line of "Am I happy about this" or "Was this a sucky review" for part of the day. I had myself convinced that it was a good review for a while... and then somewhere in the day that faded and I was back on the line.

Then I took the paperwork home. And DH read it.

And he was very quiet as he read it. And he flipped from the chart to the raw scores to the comments a couple of times. And continued to be quiet.

And then he spoke. "Congratulations on an excellent review!" If you take out the scores, and just read the comments, then it's a stellar review. And I think that that's what I'm going to do - sit down and carefully re-read those comments. As I skim them now, a few stand out - ones that would certainly help me write a cover letter or summarize my almost 5 years at the company I work at.

And so here I sit, ensconced in a new position that I've had for 3 months, with comments from the new team and the old (something that I was nervous about) about my performance for the last 6 months. And I'd have to say that I've done a pretty darn good job at my job....

...but that's not going to stop me from shooting for more 4s.