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Friday, November 28, 2003
Things I am thankful for...

Stuffing that wasn't food poisoned. DH and the kids are fine... the leftovers are tasty.

Lazy relatives who depended on Marie Callendar's for pies instead of baking soggy ones themselves.

Unmolested (no almonds or bacon added) green beans. And creamy garlic mashed potatoes.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (wrapped up on the bodies of 8 year old boys) that decided to take a holiday this year.

Light traffic at 5:30am this morning while I had some precious passengers in my car heading with me to the fabric store (to buy floss).

Continued light traffic at 6:30am this morning while taking those precious passengers and our treasures back home.

Family. Good health. A warm house (that smells like fresh pumpkin pie because I just baked some today).

A day off from work. So my little ones can play on Neopets all they want, and I can stitch while listening to some good classic rock... before I switch over to putting up the tree and listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's metal rocked versions of Christmas carols....

...and maybe I'll sneak a Savatage (from where Trans-Siberian was born) CD in there too.