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Friday, December 05, 2003
More absurd things people do...

*sigh* At the rate I'm going on this topic, I really should just rename the blog to Absurdities or something like that.

When it's your last day at a company, is it really wise to mouth off to a bunch of people that you wish to give other people a piece of your mind? Especially when you know that that statement is going to make it's way 'round to the person you want to mouth off at?

And is it really necessary to point out all the work that you didn't do to your replacement and then have all those documents suddenly disappear, nowhere to be found, thus leaving your replacement in the lurch?

And 5 minutes of training simply isn't enough to cover what a person has been doing at thier job for 4 years.

*Please note: I have not left my job, nor have I inherited someone else's. A clueless individual previously blogged about has left the company to marry her soulmate*

Just because someone has their hands more than full, and declines a piece of your overhuge bought-at-the-last-minute going away cake does not mean that they hate you. They could be on a diet, they could just not feel like eating cake, they could be on their way to an important weekly meeting and have too much to carry in their hands and their minds.

Oh, and when you get your piece of your own going away cake, it's really not a nice thing to state, "What? It's not chocolate!" really loudly within range of the person who went through heck and back to get you that cake (nope, wasn't me that got the cake...)

Oh, here's one... unrelated to all of the above: Suppose you send out an email telling folks that you can't attend the conference call that you booked in the first place (and will reschedule) because you've completely lost your voice, and that you are only going to be answering emails and IMs. Why is it that people are compelled to phone you all morning and ask how you are?

Why is it that when someone has an issue with you they won't bother to tell you it directly? They either air it in public, where it may be embarrasing (most likely, more embarrasing to them than to you), or they just sit with obvious body language or a pointed single statement that they refuse to elaborate on? Some people just need to grow up.

Say you have a 15 month old child that has never been healthy since he was born and has recently started throwing up regularly and running fevers. You come to discover that said child is allergic to cow's milk and that's what's causing the sickness. You run out to the store and find they don't have soy milk (which he can drink) so you buy cow's milk instead. Why? Because you don't want to drive a half mile down the road to see if the other grocery store (which happens to have a large organics section) has soy milk. And then you wonder why your child is running a fever and throwing up again... Are people really that stupid and uncaring?

How about a substitute teacher that yells at students when they're messing around at playtime because something they are doing annoys her? Keep in mind, the students in question are second graders... Should she not volunteer anymore to sub young kids? *nods vigorously*

Well, that's it from me for today. I'm going to go home soon, attend a parent teacher conference with B's teacher, and ponder why warm liquids always seem to help soothe one's throat.