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Friday, December 12, 2003
The Return of the Pixy Stick Chick

In our we-really-thought-we-were-done saga our heroine, the daring WhizGidget, finds herself at the local Target store dragging DH, A, and B around her in search of a jacket for A, and a blankie for herself.

Upon finding said jacket, our heroine valiantly goes on the hunt for a blankie. Something like the one she bought DH last year, but in a different color. DH liked his new blankie - his old one was in tatters and holes - it was nice and cuddly warm. He soon found, however, that he could not enjoy his new blankie because our heroine kept stealing it while he was sleeping and she would be all tangled up in it in the mornings.

So, our heroine searched for her own blankie. And found one in a slightly different weave, in a lovely warm oatmeal color. Upon finding it, she sounded like one of the gulls from 'Finding Nemo': "mine! mine! mine!"

Quickly, with hungry, cranky children in tow, they rushed to the checkout stand. B went first, followed by our heroine, with A and DH bringing up the rear.

The checker was bent over, yakking away happily at the customer who looked less than thrilled to be yakked at when our heroine realized *GASP* it's the Former Curves Pixy Stick Chick!

Quickly our heroine grabbed the hood of B's jacket, turned around, and put a hand on her DH's chest whispering madly, "gogogonotthisonegogogo" in an attempt to sound like someone out of a really bad high school movie.

When they were safely ensconced a few aisles away, our heroine let DH know of her advesary. DH looked up, straight away at the P.S.C. and said, "You put up with *that* during your workouts? I'm surprised she's not mangled in some way." Apparently, he's run into her too.

Upon finishing our transaction, our heroine apologized to B who was still stunned at being dragged backwards, and to DH for being so childish. DH smiled and immediately took our heroine out the door that would have meant a longer walk in the cold to the car, but would not have passed by the P.S.C.

Upon returning to Curves the next day, our heroine recounted her story to an employee who happened to have a day off and was doing the circuit herself. Oh yes, our heroine was informed, she's bubbly and annoying to everyone from Curves who shops at that Target (which is just a short walk away) and they don't want to shop there as a result. Someone is trying to find our her schedule so that they can be sure that they're never there when she's there.

Ah, apprently some things never change, as that's what it was like when she was working at Curves.

*For those who don't know the saga, I'll have to post it here one of these days...*