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Saturday, November 01, 2003
Brought to you by the letter 'H'

I'm in shock. Literally shocked. I had 6 bags of candy to handle the trick or treaters last night. I barely went through 4 of them.

It was a Friday. The weather was nice (albeit cold). It's a neighboorhood where 6 bags normally flies out the door in the first two hours and we're running to the store for more.

Alas, everything died down around 8pm. I'm still in shock. Although, it did allow me to catch a rerun of CSI on SpikeTV. By myself, since DH had taken A & B out to grandma's house to trick or treat her.

I briefly considered watching Halloween H20 since that was on somewhere, but then decided that might be less than intelligent for my nerves. Good thing too, considering that the phone rang just after I spied the killer for the first time and changed the channel. Good thing I was alone in the house too, because I jumped and hit the ceiling.

Well, almost. But even that was fun, although unnerving.

So, I sat and watched something that I cannot recall what it was, and then watched 'Devil's Advocate' which I happened to have on hand from NetFlix until DH and the kids came back home (pausing it so that I could get the kids to bed) and stitched away the rest of October peacefully...

...or at least as peacefully as I could considering what I was watching. Maybe I *should* have stuck with H20. *shudder*