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Friday, October 24, 2003
Of wee-gidgets and weekends...

So, I've got a busy weekend ahead of me... there's a GTG at my house, the oldest child has a sleepover (her first away from home) she needs to get to in the afternoon, and I still have to clean the house.

The thing I'm most worried about? The weather. It's getting warm out there. And I don't have air conditioning. And there will be at least 14 people in my house for the afternoon. I don't want anyone to be uncomfortable, but I have a feeling they may be. :( It's October - it's not supposed to be hot.

*sigh* Well, at least the Marlins are leading the Series. Maybe they'll wrap it up on Saturday. *That* would be a good thing.

Andi making it all the way through the night at the sleepover without needing to be rescued would be nice. *That* would be a good thing.

The weather cooling off would be nice too. Maybe we'll just open up all the windows since it gets into the 50s at night and let the house cool off all night long. Then we might have a chance at it being nice inside even with the extra people. *That* would be a good thing too.

Suppose, though, that the weather folks are absolutely and completely wrong, and that it will be cool... or even rain tomorrow....

... even if it's isolated to directly over my house. Now *that* would be a REALLY good thing.