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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Random Rambles...

I just don't have anything specific to say today, so I thought I'd post some observations about a few things here and there.

Why is it when you know you're going to leave the office early, and you have lots to do, that you do the most procrastinating possible?

It's quality, dear, not quantity. I frankly don't care that your engagement ring is twice the size of mine... mine sparkles (even with months of dirt on it) more than yours (brand new and no dirt) will ever aspire to.

Why is it when people have almost nothing of value to say, they are compelled to talk almost nonstop? (Kind of like me here today)

Why do small children not eat thier lunch and then complain that they have a tummy ache, headache, and are grumpy as all get out? Why can't they learn that they act just like thier mommy when they don't eat? (and they don't like thier mommy when she hasn't eaten)

Why is it that some people don't care about a small thing until someone else points out the disadvantages, and then this small thing becomes the worst thing to ever be discovered? (File this one under: you can take the manager away from IT, but you can't take IT away from the manager)

Was that what Lola (The Kinks) doing? Taking a walk on the wild side (Lou Reed)? ;)

Why is it always a Chevy in those songs about losing your innocence? Why not a Jeep, or a Mustang? It's always a stupid Chevy...

Spammers can find your most private email addresses eventually... why can't they figure out that I'm female and not male?

I love the Do Not Call anti-telemarketing lists... I just miss the fact that I can't use some of my best scripts for getting rid of them. "You're live on KCBL, the voice of Campbell underground radio! How do *you* feel about cross-mating between squirrels and skunks? Or do you think dogs and cats cross-mating would be a better match?"

*sigh* I guess I'm done rambling for now...

...unless you call me and pretend to be a telemarketer.